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Game: Borderlands 2
Mod: BL2 - Longevity MOD

This mod includes several other mods made by their respected developers.
If you are one of the owners of any of these mods and is offended by this release, please contact me and i will remove it.

PhysX Mod by: Ethel173
Ragdoll Physics Enabler by: Hemaxhu
More blood by: Juso
Dismemberment by: Hemaxhu

This mod uses several other mods that focuses on the graphical aspect of the game.

Here is a list of what it does in detail:

* PhysX Particals (NOT including Fluids Physx)
Particals has a higly increased value and will last longer.

* Dead bodies stay for 900 seconds.
(This includes, broken turrets, planes, barrels, cars and other breakble objects)
All of it will last for 900 seconds before it despawns.

* Dead bodies is still active for 300 seconds
(in case there is explostions nearby, bodies be moved by the blast)

* Loot does not despawn.
* Bullet holes stay longer
* Bullet shells by robots will last longer.

------------MORE BLOOD MOD--------------
This one is heavily tweaked and balanced by me, since the original mod was a bit "to much" gore.
I have reduced it's blood spread and partical sizes. I hope Juso don't mind :o <3

Every setting is finalized, so no need to change any values, unless you want to mess around with it.

Just import using the BLCMM Mod Manager, then save it to whatever patch you currently use.
Just be careful if you already have mods that affects the things this mod do.

Also, this is my first (non-original) Mod by me, so there might be mistakes.
Please leave comments on the nexus site if anything is wrong.

Thanks and have fun!