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Several changes to Blood, Physx and other details which gives the game a MUCH more realistic gameplay.

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Game: Borderlands 2
Mod: BL2 - Longevity MOD


This mod changes many aspects of the game.
* It will add a much higher number of PhysX Particles.
* Dead bodies now have a 900 seconds life-time duration before they de-spawn. (disappear)
* Dead bodies also have physics enabled for 300 seconds, instead of becoming just static.
* Blood pools, limbs and alien blood splatter stay for 1 hour.  (This does not affect the PhysX Fluid)
* Loot does not disappear.
* Bullet holes and explosion damages does not disappear
* All destruction objects (barrels, turrets) broken pieces will disappear after 900 seconds.

If you have a low PC specs, this mod may not be for you!
I run this game very well, i average 70 fps most of the time.

The framerate will dip down to it's 40-50fps mark when there is FULL blown action.

Remember, this mod mostly run on the CPU, not GPU.
I run a intel i7-4790 3.60GHz and have good performance.

Just import using the BLCMM Mod Manager, then save it to whatever patch you currently use.
Make sure to delete any other mods that might collide with the changes that this mods brings.

This modification includes several other mods made by other developers.
I do not take any credit for the original work that was put into these mods.

I only made heavy changes to them all and make the experience more realistic.


PhysX Mod by: Ethel173
Ragdoll Physics Enabler by: Hemaxhu
More blood by: Juso
Dismemberment by: Hemaxhu

Please give feedback!
Thanks and have fun!