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Changes some of the characters melee attacks to be more Immersive*

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Changes most characters melee attacks to be more immersive*
Siren has a very long-range (for melee), thin width, slag attack that can knockback enemies. 35% damage reduction. DoT can be enabled at 20% of the damage of your base melee damage.
Assassin has a slightly longer range, wide width, corrosive attack with a DoT that deals 33% of your base melee damage. 15% Damage reduction.
Commando has an explosive attack that deals double damage and has strong knockback, with a reduced angle, so you need to be a little more accurate.
Krieg has a real buzzaxe now, dealing 3 melee hits per attack for 37% damage each. Good synergy with the fire axe, tripling the effect chance. Otherwise it can make you do less if you miss a hit, or more if you hit them all.
Gaige's With Claws skill now does shock damage, with a DoT for 40% of your base melee damage, as well as increasing it's angle and range a fair bit.
Nothing for poor Salivador, nothing really fits him, but he didn't need it anyway.

*Immersive qualities are subject to being mostly bullshit and may not add any actual immersion.

Feel free to message me on Discord (Checometer#2722), or ping me over on Shadow's Evil Hideout (In the BL-Modding/Patch-Mod-Troubleshooting channel) if you have any issues or feedback.