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The 3 first part of MGS1 for Boneworks recreated in 1:1 scale. Including custom maps, weapons, npcs, player models and nice various features.

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Important note :

Update 16.08.23
Sorry people, I need to focus on other things right now. I still plan to keep on working on this mod once Bonelab will release it's official SDK though, but don't hold your breath on that one. As for every free project, and specially those promised by dumbass inexperimented dev at the time when they begin their project without a clue like I did : financial difficulties, life and other stuff happens to us like every human beings.
In the meantime, I strongly suggest you to join the mgs remake dev discord wich started my own journey :
You'll find a lot of nice people working on other mgs related projects including a VR one made on Unreal Engine. Go show them some support or join and help them making this real.
When I'll be back on the Bonelab modding scene, you'll also find me there for sure.

Update 02.10.23
For those trying to use this mod but running into issues (NPCs not spawning in levels, sfx and musics issues etc) : 
You have to install the exact version of dependencies linked here :
I haven't updated my mod for a long time now and newer dependencies version have broken it. So if you still really want to experiment it nowadays, I suggest you make a backup of your Boneworks folder and only install my mod with the right dependencies versions. And keep another Boneworks folder for the most recents mods you want to use. This way you'll be able to switch easily between recent mods, and old ones like mine.
Thanks for playing my mod and for all the nice feedbacks you sent me. Really appreciated.

Update 11.12.22
Bonelab sdk being a huge disappointment, I've been busy remaking this mod as a full standalone game for Quest 2 and PCVR. 
I don't maintain this mod anymore since developing the standalone version takes all my free time. Small updates on the project available on my twitter :
I'll have bigger updates and videos to share soon(ish).
I'll may port some of my maps to Bonelab once they'll have a decent sdk allowing custom scripts officially, but it'll mainly depend on my free time, wich may be hard to find if the standalone version keeps on progressing well like it is now.
Thanks for your support !


Please don't reupload this mod elsewhere.

I'll upload it to ThunderStore soon but Nexus is way more practical and user friendly to me. And managing it will be way easier thanks to the post, forum and bug section here.

Now live on ThunderStore :

I'll put a link to this Nexus page in the ThunderStore to centralize the bug reports and everything related to this mod here.


What's new on 1.02 ?

Snake and Gray Fox player model with nice low poly hands to keep the original aesthetic.
Socom with and without suppressor custom weapons. Audio extracted from mgs1 ps1 version.
Gray Fox's Katana custom weapon.
You can download the different parts of the mod in the files section. Please be aware that you'll need the updated maps to have the custom weapons spawnpoints work correctly with the new weapons.


The 3 first part of MGS 1 for Boneworks recreated in 1:1 scale.

Take a sneak peak of mgs from the inside.

The files include 4 maps.
MGS_Museum.cma : Take a closer look at the awesome original 3d models and textures.

 2 NPCs :

3 Weapons :
Gray Fox's Katana
Socom with suppressor

2 Player models :
GrayFox (with animated glowing eye)

The Docks, Heliport and all floors from Tank Hangar basement are faithfully recreated but tweaked and adapted to be played in VR.
The Museum is just the place I did some initial tests. I decided to upload it too since it could interest some to see the nice original models in full scale.

***************** FEATURES *****************

- Elevator fully functional like an IRL one with physic buttons
- cameras and spotlights spotting the player and triggering NPCs aggro
- custom npcs (Kinda dumb for now, I'll tweak them as much as I can in the future)
- all automatic doors functional
- lasers and gaz trap functional
- roamable vents
- original SFX (most of them come from ps1 version, the others come from the PC version. Since the PC port is kinda bad I had to resample and tweak these sfx so the white noise isn't noticeable)
- original musics with proper transitions according to the player's location
- original NPCs voicelines (Only french for now but will do the english version soon)

***************** REQUIREMENTS *****************

***************** INSTALLATION *****************

Once Melon Loader and ModThatIsNotMod installed, put the BONEWORKS folder at the root of Boneworks game location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BONEWORKS) so the BONEWORKS folder from the mod merges with the actual one and place all the files at the right places.

Launch the first map MGS_0Museum.cma for full experience or get directly started by loading MGS_1Docks.cma.

***************** ROAD MAP *****************
(mostly depending on free time and motivation) :

- English version of NPCs
- Custom guns. Socom and famas will be first. I'll may also try melee weapons by making the ninja's katana.
- Custom player model of snake and ninja.
- Physical NPCs based on Ford. To replaces these OmniProjectors that lacks a "real" body.
- Adding more features from the original game (cinematics, Keycard system, all the scenario events that are required to progress in the base game). For now, these maps are more like a museum that are really nice to roam in, but it lacks some real goal. I intend to change that. It still makes a nice sandbox mod in the meantime.
- Inventory system maybe ? I have to see how I'll be able to go for that one.
- Keeping on recreating the other maps

These aren't in any priority order. I'll work on whatever I feel like to work on. But of course, feel free to share if you have cool ideas or improvements I could add to this mod. There's certainly some stuff I don't think of that would be great in there.

***************** KNOWN ISSUES *****************

- Museum is laggy
I just noticed that the framerate takes a hit when having all the characters meshes at the same time in view. When looking only at them one by one or by smaller groups, 90fps without issues. I'll probably improve this map soon to make a proper Museum with different rooms so the dynamic occlusion can kicks in.
If you have other ideas for optimizations, I'd be glad to hear from you in the post section.

- I can't shoot through gaps.
Most of the meshes are simple geometry with alpha transparency, so indeed, you won't be able to shoot through barriers, vents iron grids (if you get the gun close enough it can go through, feature, not a bug of course /s) and small details like that.
I'll may remake some of the meshes at some point.

- I don't hear any Music.
Make sure you turn the music volume Up in the boneworks settings, I applied all audio source to the SFX and Music Mixer of the game so you can tune both at your likings.

- I fall in the emptyness/I spawn in the middle of the map when loading it :
Deactivate the Save Progress feature in ModThatIsNotAMod, and delete the save or the entire Progress folder if you haven't any save you want to keep (Boneworks\UserData\CustomMaps\Progress).

- NPCs are dumb.
Yeah I haven't spent much time on them yet. Planned for a future update.

- NPCs voices have a random pitch effect.
Indeed, that's how the base npcs omniprojectors works to diversify the robotic sound they make. I haven't find a way to fix it yet but will look into it someday.

- Hitbox of NPCs are crazy.
Don't forget that these NPCs are based on the omniprojectors (Only way I found yet to make them use guns), so the hitbox isn't the NPC's skin, but the physical invisible machine inside of it. So if you see the gun stuck somewhere far from NPC's skin hands, shoot near the weapon to find the real physical hitbox. I planned on making real physical NPCs based on Ford models and add original mgs guns into it. There's a mod made by Lakatrazz that allows ford to have guns so I know it's possible. I just have to find the way. So maybe someday.
In the meantime, I plan to add NPCs as ford without guns, just so we can still have fun with melee weapons. A zombie mod playable as the Ninja may be something I'll work on in the near future.


Feel free to share any issue, bugs or features you'd like in the post and bug section but please stay respectful with everyone while doing so.
This is just a project I make on my free time to learn unity so, don't rise your expectations too much.

Thanks for trying it and have fun !

***************** CREDITS *****************

Credits and huge thanks to Vapor_Cephalopod and the reverse engineering team for their amazing work on the original assets, and for Maranara, GreasedScotsman and the other contributing modders for the Boneworks SDK.