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File from Update 1.6. 134/135 Items have been collected overall for the M-H file. It says 4 sandbox items are missing, but there are almost none missing. Most items are present, plus more, such as breakable planks, all crates, etc. Enjoy the file.

Permissions and credits
This save contains nearly all the sandbox items, nearly all the guns, all the melee weapons, all the NPCs, all the fantasy weapons, and I'm pretty sure, every wave of arena completed on every level. The achievements aren't tied to this file, I don't think.

The exact specs of the file as of April 13th are:
17/17 Melee, 15/17 Ranged, 13/13 Fantasy, 52/63 Misc., 11/11 Physics, 14/14 Enemies. This will be updated as the file is updated.
M-H Save Specs: 17/17 Melee, 17/17 Ranged, 13/13 Fantasy, 62/63 Misc., 11/11 Physics, 14/14 Enemies + A couple more "Dev" items,
Some of the items that aren't in the Normal game don't work properly, but nothing is game breaking. Everything is safe to use, whether it works or not. Be sure to use the regular save if you aren't comfortable with using items that aren't obtained normally, or just want to have the items that are potentially being added in the future not be spoiled for you. *Hover Junkers Content (Update 1.6) Now Included. 

*Due to certain demand, the new title of the "Dev" save is now the M-H Save, for 'memory hacked'. The contents are still the exact same, the title is the only changed aspect.

To install this file, there's a tutorial I uploaded under the video tab. I go to as much detail as possible, but if you have any questions, please go on over to the Steam guide, linked below. I don't really see the posts on the Nexus, so please go to the Steam link. More details on the guide are below.

BTW If you need to contact me a bit more directly than on here, (Because it's kind of hard for me to get messages from here...) please come on over to the original Steam guide where I first posted this. It's a lot easier for me to take on feedback and bugs. Either copy and paste this link into your address bar and sign into your Steam account if you haven't already, or go to the Boneworks guides section of the community tab on the Steam app, and you can find it by searching, "100% Save", and it should be the top result, "1.6 100% M-H Save", or something like that.

Hope you're all doing well in the quarantine, it's a good time to start bashing some Null-Bodies' heads in! (Not to sound like a psycho...)