Bloons TD6

About this mod

This program will manage all of your BTD6 mods! You can switch between them with ease and launch as many as you want!

Permissions and credits
What BTD6 Mod Manager
BTD6 Mod Manager is a program you can use to keep track of and manage ALL of your BTD6 Mods! It's a super useful program!!

Why Use BTD6 Mod Manager?
BTD6 Modding is relatively new and involves some setup in order to work. You also need to keep some files up to date, otherwise you can have problems. This program will automatically download and update all of the files required to use BTD6 Mods. It also lets you swap between mods, so you can choose to play with some mods now and easily remove them later when you don't want to.

Watch this YouTube Tutorial to get started

Want to learn how to make mods for BTD6?
Check out this tutorial series: BTD6 Modding Tutorial Series

Want More info?
Here is the github if you're interested in the source code: