Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
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A mod to make the new Randomizer Mode more fun and reduce unbeatable seeds generated by the official randomizer. Individual Mods version now available. Also includes a 2xXPDropRate mod option that is not in the full version.

Permissions and credits
-Individual Mods version now available. Also includes a 2xXPDropRate mod option that is not
in the full version.

If you enjoy this mod and would like to follow it's development please consider following my Twitch channel over at:

RandoEnhancer Mod Details
Logic Workarounds
1: Shards
-Vepar has Craftwork's Shard to provide a more dynamic start. (Vepar = Key Shard)
-Craftwork now has Andraelphus' shard to work around worst case scenario
of Blood Steal, Deep Sinker, Aqua Stream.

2: Quests
-All Quests Unlocked immediately.
-All Hunting quests now reward XP based on target enemy XP.
-All Crafting / Momento Quests reward 300 XP.
-Waystone guy quest rewards significantly increased.

3: Items
-All Keys can be purchased in the shop.

-Zangetsuto can be purchased in the shop for 200K but
the current randomizer has a broken shop so you need
to save your game, exit the game completely, then reload
your save as the first save you load.

-A .5% drop rate Zangetsuto has been added to 1 mob. Stacking
the new book bonuses should help with this if needed.

4: Crafting
-Only acquired recipes will add to the craftable item list.
-All craftable items that require an item to become
available are now available immediately.
-Mapped all upgrade weapons to *name*+1/+2.

Quality of Life Improvements
-Key Shard bosses have a * before their names: *Vepar
-Key item bosses have a * after their names: Valac*
-(WiP)Weapons with abilities start with a *: *Kung Fu Shoes

5: Music
Enabled unused 8 bit tracks in the sound test mode.
Enabled a few of the unused tracks in previously silent areas.

6: Items
Solomon's Ring:  10   -> +50% shard drop rate
Strider Belt: 20   -> +60% extra slide speed
Speed Belt:  15   -> +30% extra move speed
Plunderer's Ring: 25 -> +50% item drop rate
Traverser's Ring: 100  -> 50% map completion for +25% dmg
Silver Ring:   9999 -> 800 kills required for +30% dmg
Shop Discount:            100  -> 50K Gold and gives 20% off
GoldRing/$isPower:    10   -> +50% Dmg at 1 Mil Gold
Adverse Ring:               20   -> +60% Dmg per active affliction
$isPower Shard:          +20%-50% sell prices (based on Rank)

-Init Shard Drop Rates increased across the board. Minimum = 4%
-All hairstyle recipes are replaced with a variety of weapons
-All hairstyles are available from the start
-Decreased distance required for crop growth from 75 to 10
-Increased damage to poisoned monsters by 15 per tick
-Added Hunter's Blade into the chest item pool.
-Replaced all but 1 Fried Fish + Sponge Cake material chest loot
with various foods required by quests & low grade weapons.
-Made all weapons sellable + gave bitcoin weapons their associated
coin sale price. (400, 2400, 6400)

7: Character Progression
-Increased Luck per level from .25 to .5
-Expertise required to master techniques significantly reduced
-Hunter's Blade ability can be mastered and used with other swords.

8: Cheat Codes
-THESPEEDGAMERS : Start with a Speed Belt.
-AKUMA : Start with Solomon's Ring.
-CHUGGAACONROY: Start with a Plunderer's Ring.

9: Movement
-Underwater Movement: Vert + Horizontal 50% -> 70 / 80%

10: Library Books significantly upgraded
  Might Tome:STR 10, LCK 10, Move Speed +10%
         Sage's Tome:INT 10, LCK 10, Move Speed +10%
      Sentinel Tome:CON 10, LCK 10, Move Speed +10%
    Believer's Tome:MND 10, LCK 10, Move Speed +10%
       Fortune Tome:LCK 20, Move Speed +10%
   Coldstave Tome:LCK 10, ICE 15, Move Speed +10%
   Heatstave Tome:LCK 10, FLA 15, Move Speed +10%
Shockstave Tome:LCK 10, LIG 15, Move Speed +10%
    Empyreal Tome:LCK 10, DAR 15, Move Speed +10%
   Obscurity Tome:LCK 10, HOL 15, Move Speed +10%
 Corporeity Tome:LCK 10, STO 15, Move Speed +10%
   Immunity Tome:LCK 10, POI 15, Move Speed +10%
     Blessed Tome:LCK 10, CUR 15, Move Speed +10%
   Prowess Tome:LCK 10, AtkSpd +20%, Move Speed +10%
   Ancillary Tome:LCK 10, Move Speed +10%, Familiar Strength +20%
   Deadeye Tome:LCK 10, Move Speed +10%, Directional Shard Strength +20%
    Tailwind Tome:LCK 10, Move Speed +30%, Required Map Coverage: 25%
Tactician's Tome:LCK 10, Move Speed +10%, XP UP: 1.5X, Req. Map Cov.: 40%
   Mastery Tome:STR 8, CON 8, INT 8, MND 8, LCK 15
    Move Speed +10%, Wpn Mastery: +20%,
    Req. Map Cov.: 40%
  Godsend Tome:LCK 40, Move Speed +10%, Req. Map Cov.: 50%
 Conquest Tome:LCK 99, AtkSpd +20%, Move Speed +10%, XP UP: 2X
     Wpn Mastery: +20%, Req. Map Cov.: 65%