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Now with randomizer support! Formerly just Enhanced Lamps. My quality of life mods including enhanced lamps (bonfire-like functionality), stocked shop, and optional new game+. Pick and choose what features you want using the hidden options menu in game.

Permissions and credits
This mod has not been thoroughly tested. There may be some bugs. Backup game files and save files before installing.

Access the hidden mod menu by bowing to the doll before speaking with her.

Auto New Game Plus:
Toggling this option off will prevent the game from starting new game plus immediately after defeating the final boss. Speak with the doll for the option to start new game plus.

Stocked Shop:
Enable this feature to allow purchase of all weapons, spells, armors, chalices, ritual materials, and upgrade materials at the bath messengers for no cost at any point in the game.

Enhanced Lamps:
  • Adds a menu to all lamps that provide the functions listed below. These options, as well as the entire menu, can be toggled on or off in the hidden mod menu.
  • Warp to (almost) any other activated lamp. Only exception is that it is not currently possible to warp from a chalice dungeon lamp to a lamp in a different chalice dungeon. Reawaken and warping within a dungeon works.
  • Reawaken - rewarp to the current lamp. Respawns enemies and restores health.
  • Chalice rituals in the warp menu. Full menu only available at non-chalice lamps. Within a chalice dungeon, you can now access the full menu for that current dungeon. Warning: do not remove the chalice from the dungeon while you are in it. If this happens, you will have to wait for your character to die in the void and respawn at the dream. You will lose all of your echoes.
  • Level up
  • Access the workshop to upgrade and repair weapons, change gems, and extract arcane haze.
  • Change character runes
  • Access the storage box
  • Buy and sell from the echoes shop, buy from the insight shop, change messenger appearance
  • Change your character's appearance. Experimental feature. It's difficult to see the menu or your character, and face geometry doesn't seem to update until reload. Works best to switch between saved presets.

Prevent Lamp Deactivation:
Prevent Lamp Deactivation: Enable this to always allow warping to the following lamps: Oedon Chapel and Grand Cathedral during Eileen's quest events and Hypogean Gaol after Rom. Hypogean Gaol lamp will no longer break and can be used normally at any point in the game. Oedon Chapel and Grand Cathedral won't be usable until defeating the nearby opponent, however. This feature is a little buggy overall.

Randomizer Version:
I wrote a script that utilizes DSEventScriptTools (credit to HotPocketRemix) and Yabber (credit to JKAnderson) to unpack the files generated by the randomizer (credit to Sepukkake) and apply my mod changes. You will have to download all of those tools separately from mine. Download and run the randomizer tool with the settings you like. Next, download the randomizer version of my mod, move the patcher folder to the randomizer tool's folder, so that it is next to the dvdroot_ps4 and netcoreapp3.1 folders. Unpack both sets of the tools linked above into the same directory as my patcher.exe (all exes should be in the same directory). Run patcher.exe and it will hopefully generate a new set of files in the dvdroot_ps4-enhanced folder. Install these files the way you would normally install the randomizer files.

The randomizer version is not very well tested and there are likely to be some bugs. Randomizing the shop won't work, as my mod overwrites the shop's param file. I have no idea what will happen if talk data is randomized.

Folder/file structure for usage with randomizer:

Extract files and copy them to the game's app or (preferably) patch directory. Repack PKG with orbis and install using your preferred method.

Coming Someday (maybe)
  • Less jank
  • Full chalice dungeon support

Known issues:
  • Chalice can be removed from within dungeon
  • Stump messenger skin doesn't update when changed at lamps until reload
  • Change appearance camera and background issues
  • Doll's dialog doesn't update after defeating Gehrman (auto ng+ disabled)
  • Sometimes a lamp only allows warping to the Hunter's Dream (quit and reload to fix) or the character rotates towards the wrong lamp to warp
  • - should be fixed
  • Prevent lamp deactivation is buggy