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A variety of high quality Japanese swords in many different styles and types with the scabbard included.

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Katana MegaPack Revival is a continuation of Katana MegaPack, one of the first (if not, the first) weapon pack mods crafted with quality models and a lot of care and knowledge of the game. This mod aims to restore the glory of the original mod, add some new weapons and features, and most importantly, make it compatible for the current version of Blade & Sorcery.

Main Features
  • Custom damage - Katanas are easy to cut with in general, and have a slight bonus over vanilla weaponry when it comes to damage and dismemberment. They also can cut through leather armor easier than vanilla swords. Thrusting is unchanged, but because they are curved, thrusting is a little harder to line up in general.
  • All weapons come with a saya (scabbard) that can be worn to easily draw the katana, as well as be used as a weapon if necessary. While you can't mount a katana saya on your back, you can remove the katana from the saya and wear it as a normal weapon.
  • Grippable blades - Katanas can be easily half-sworded (but not mordhau gripped) and daggers can be thrown by the blade.
  • Custom category & organization - Refer to the list of weapon types below to see the order that the swords are listed in inside the item book. Only the saya appears in the category to reduce clutter and scrolling.
  • Blade lengths are shown on the weapon icon in cm to help distinguish the weapons in the book.
  • Custom enchantment textures for each weapon that show off the hamon of the blade (the forging marks)
  • Realistic sword draw - Katanas and shoto are mounted blade up and must be drawn with your fingers facing upwards, otherwise you will draw the sword facing backwards. Tachi are mounted blade down and are drawn differently. If you don't like this, simply don't draw from the saya and wear the blade alone, but I recommend you try practicing with it.
Huge thanks to Siilk for providing the blueprints to this mod, inspiring mods like Medieval MegaPack and being one of the first top tier modders for Blade and Sorcery. This mod was continued without permission from Siilk as he has gone dark for the time being.

Weapon Types:
(This is the order that the weapons will be listed in within the custom Katana category)
  • Tanto - A dagger used as a backup/alternate weapon in combat and ritual suicide by women.
  • Wakizashi - A short sword used as a backup/alternate weapon in combat, beheading corpses and ritual suicide by men.
  • Uchigatana - A proto-katana. Generally more curved and lower quality than the katana.
  • Katana - THE Japanese sword. Being straighter than the uchigatana it's well suited for both cutting and thrusting.
  • Tachi - A horseman's sword used before the katana, worn edge-down to be drawn more easily while on horseback.
  • Nodachi - The katana-equivalent of a longsword. (Cannot be drawn from the back. Must first be unequipped to draw from the saya)
  • Odachi - The katana-equivalent of a greatsword. (Cannot be drawn from the back. Must first be unequipped to draw from the saya)
  • Nagamaki - A sword with a shaft as long as the blade. (Cannot be drawn from the back. Must first be unequipped to draw from the saya)

  • Nihonto - Japanese Sword
  • Shoto - Short Sword (Shorter than a katana)
  • Daito - Long Sword (Katana length or longer)
  • Saya - Scabbard
  • Ko/Chisa (Prefix) - Short/Little
  • O/Dai (Prefix) - Long/Big
  • Aikuchi - No guard (tsuba)
  • Bo-Hi - Blade groove/fuller
  • Iaido/Batto - Drawing and striking in the same motion
  • Daisho - A style of sword mounting including a shoto and daito, usually a katana and wakizashi.

This mod is a branch mod from Medieval MegaPack and is a sister pack to Longsword MegaPack. Please check them both out!