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Equip the Lightning spell to allow a variety of new lightning-based powers, including electric punches, levitation, and electrifying objects and enemies you grab.

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Electrical mod by Oli8
Built for Blade & Sorcery Update 7

Electrical has been rebuilt from scratch for U7. Features from before should feel much smoother to use, but the charged shockwave and ability to absorb enemy mage lightning have been removed. I felt they were clunky and underwhelming and hope to replace them with more interesting abilities in the future.

To Install:
Install using the Vortex installer or unzip the Electrical folder into the StreamingAssets folder of your Blade & Sorcery install location.

To Use:
Equip the Lightning spell to allow a variety of new lightning-based powers.
When lightning is equipped, punches will shock enemies hit, as well as launching them away.
Pulling the trigger while holding a weapon or enemy will shock whatever is held as well.
While shocking someone that is grabbed, release the grip while still holding the trigger to blast them away.
While airborne, pressing the trigger with lightning equipped will launch you away from the direction your hand is facing. Increased airborne mobility!
When using telekinesis, bringing the object near you will electrify it.

You can find the source code for Electrical on GitHub