Blade & Sorcery
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Find de-spawned items on the ground at glowing spots

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This mod creates item spots at de-spawned items which you can interact with to respawn the item.

Check out "Level_Scavenger.json" for the configuration options. Some notable ones:
  • TrackedItemCount: You can set how many items the mod should keep track of at the same time.
  • ItemSpotNoParticles: Don't use particles at item spots. You can try this if you notice any performance drops. Only affects newly created spots.
  • ItemExclusionList: Regex patterns that try to match item ids. Item spots will not be created for these matched ids. Add any items you don't want the mod to keep track of here. I have added the base game and MMP arrows/projectiles by default, because I found they spawn too many spots.
The other options are not particularly important, you can play around with them for optimization.
You can also use The Mod Configuration Menu to edit the configuration in-game; note that some changes might not take effect immediately.

Source code:
Check out my website for info and test versions: