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The Mod Configuration Menu is a new page in the book to support user-friendly in-game mod configuration.

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Since U12 this mod is obsolete!
This mod has been integrated into the game. No need to use it anymore

PCVR version | Nomad version

Mod Configuration Menu

This mod allows users to change settings for their mods on the fly and save them from an in-game menu. Please note that some mods might not support on the fly editing of values so you might need to reload the jsons or restart the game. Also, note that some mods (like Sectory and Realistic Bleeding) use their own configuration files which means you won't be able to save any changes made. However, there is experimental support (turned off by default) for changing the values on the fly (if supported by the mod).

Can be installed like any other mod using a mod manager.

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Best practices for Modders
Here are a few tips to make the configuration for your mod as good of an experience as possible:
- always read variables in real-time or use properties with custom setters (otherwise you have to restart the game / reload jsons for changes to take effect)
- in your LevelModule class only have public variables if they are exposed in Level_*.json (this ensures that nothing unwanted is exposed to the user)
- if you have public variables that are not in your Level_*.json (why?) at least add [NonSerialized] so they don't get saved into the Level_*.json