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Adds 10 weapons form World War1&2, including handguns, rifles and grenades

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Updated for game version U10

Greetings, fellow B&S user !

Here is a weapons pack containing 10 US and german Weapons from WW1 and WW2 !

What you can find inside :

-> Under "WWII" (custom category) in the book :
-Knife bayonet
-Karabiner98K bayonet
-Mk2 Grenade
-7Pack Stielhandgranate
-Trench Shovel

How to use :

The rifles spawn without bayonet and scope, you can attach them by touching them with the rifle. To detach a bayonet, grab it and press the trigger (on your controller). To detach a scope, grab it and press the spell menu button.

The rifles and handguns can shoot (using the trigger on your controller) and the bayonets can be thrown like daggers.
Due to the way B&S handles collisions in U9, bullets may not work every time and won't work if you're too close to an enemy.
The script tries to fix that but it's not perfect.
Don't worry too much about it though, most of the time, bullets will work as intended.

The Karabiner98K has to be re-armed after every shot.
The M1Garand can shoot 8 rounds before ejecting the empty clip, you then have to re-arm it to shoot again. You can also cock it anytime to refill it with 8 bullets.

To re-arm a rifle, grab the bolt and press the trigger (of your controller, not the rifle).

The zoom of the Karabiner scope can be modified by grabbing it and pressing the spell menu button.

The grenades can explode, to turn one on : press the spell menu button and release it, you should here a "clic", after that you have 4 seconds (modifiable in json files) to throw it away.

The explosion make enemies fly some meters away, does some damage depending on how close to the explosion the victim is. It also has a random probability to rip some limbs off.

Grenades can also be used with fire and gravity spells, the blast force and radius can be increased with the level of imbuing.
-> no charge : normal explosion
-> half charged : blast multiplied by 1.5
-> fully charged : blast is doubled

Shot Force, animation speed and volume of the shot sound are configurable in the Item_Weapon_.json, lines 82-84. (For handguns and rifles)
Blast Force, radius, volume of the explosion sound and delay are configurable in the Item_Weapon_.json lines 82-86. (For Grenades)
Time before despawn is configurable in the Item_Weapon_.json lines 82. (For bullets, bullet cases, garand clip)

If you want other world wars weapons :   <- Maschinenpistole 40 (not updated to U10 yet) <- Winchester M1912 Shotgun

If you're more into russian weapons :   <- Mosin Nagant   <- Nagant M1895 (not updated to U10 yet)

Changelog :

V11 : update to U10

v10 : -update to U9
 -bayonets and scope manually detachable

v9 : better imbuing textures for melee weapons and grenade MK2

v8 :  -update to U8.3
-spell imbuing for guns and grenades
-grenades activation now on spell menu button

v7 :  -animation and new model for the MauserC96
-fixed : handgun bullet not appearing + kills not appearing in score book
-shots vfx modified
-M1Garand clip visual upgraded

v6 :  -zoom of the scope modifiable
-animations for the coltM1911 and rifles
-cock-it-yourself :
-M1Garand : has to be cocked once the clip is empty (it jumps out), can be cocked anytime to get a fill the magazine up (8 bullets)
-Karabiner98K : has to be re-armed after every shot

v5 : 'pierce through' rifle bullet + new version of a Karabiner98K with a scope

v4 : udpate to u7

v3 : -dismemberment and damage added for grenades
       -the 7pack genade has a 3 times bigger visual explosion effect than other grenades
       -the 98k bayonet is bigger to better fit the size of a real one
       -the MauserC96 is a bit bigger due to some people complaining about it being to small

v2 : custom behavior for the M1Garand : it shoots faster and ejects an empty clip every 8 shots where it then needs 1.5 second to reload.

V1 : original upload

Manual installation:

1. extract the downloaded file
2. place the extracted folder in your StreamingAssets/mods folder
3. have fun

If you encounter any problem, tell me in the posts section.

Stay tuned for update and have fun !

source :
M1Garand model :
ColtM1911 model :
Karabiner98K model :
Scope model :
MauserC96 model :
Knife bayonet model :
Karabiner98K bayonet model :
Mk2 Grenade model :
Stielhandgranate model :
7Pack Stielhandgranate model :
Trench Shovel model :

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English is not my first language, please tell me if you see mistakes in the description above.