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Adds a new gesture based spell that allows you to summon a variety of weapons into your hand. Features custom weapons and effects

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2.0 - Customisation Update
Spectral Armory 2.0
Magic up Weapons right into your hands!

New for V2.0 - Extreme Customisation

Spectral Armory is now more customisable than ever before! to do so, open the Spells folder and open Spell_SpellSpectralArmory.json and Spell_SpellSpectralArmoryMerge.json and change these values:

you can now change the mana cost of summoning a weapon, each individual weapon that is summoned by it, as well as the look of the weapon to an extreme degree. if you do not like the new look of the weapons, you can switch it back to the original look by switching "useSpectralArmoryShader" to false and "useOldSpectralArmoryShader"  to true. you're also able to make these changes independently between the non-merged and merged version of the spell.

Spectral Color affects the base color of the spectral armory shaders (although the new shader will be predominantly purple, can't change that too much).
Dissolve Color affects the emission of the dissolve fade-in/fade-out the spectral weapons do.

you may also notice a "UseCustomShader" and "CustomShaderAddress" values. if set to true and provided with an address to a custom shader, Spectral Armory can load it! want to make your own custom look? simply make a new shader in Unity, export it as an addressable asset for BaS, and put the address here!

You can also customise how long it takes for a weapon to disappear while you're not holding it. I strongly recommend that you leave this higher than 0, even if it's a small value like 0.05, to avoid any issues.

Bows should automatically be detected as a bow and be able to summon spectral arrows when pulling the string back no matter what gesture is used to summon it.

This mod adds a new spell "SpecWep" to the spell menu. With this spell, pulling the trigger and doing a gesture will summon a weapon into your hand. These weapons have custom models, are translucent, and have swing trail effects attached to them.

There are currently 10 Items you can summon. By Default:
  • Dragging your hand in the direction of the top of your hand/thumb will summon a dagger
  • Bottom of your hand/pinky will summon a sword
  • Palm of your hand will summon an axe
  • Knuckles/Forward will summon a mace
  • Back of your hand will summon a shield

  • Merge + moving a hand down will summon a longsword
  • Merge + hand up will summon a spear
  • Merge + back of the hand will summon a great axe
  • Merge + Forward will summon a bow (grab the bowstring to summon an arrow) (more notes below)
  • Merge + Palm in to summon a Warmace

These gestures are relative to the top of your controller/hand, which means making a thrusting motion as if you had a dagger while pulling the trigger can summon a dagger into your hand. similarly, dragging your hand up with the back of your hand facing the sky will summon a shield

What's New from 1.1 to 1.2:
  • Added Colour customisation

What's New from 1.0 to 1.1:
  • New Spawn/Despawn effects
  • Added Longsword, Spear, War Axe, Bow, and Torch

What's New from 0.9 to 1.0:
  • Added Shield, Mace and Axe
  • New Charge Effect, Spell Menu Icon, and Spawn Effect (including SFX)
  • Fixed Dagger Colliders so they should stick better when thrown
  • Fixed issue where Summoned Weapons can despawn mid telekinesis grab

Known Issues:
  • Gestures can be a bit finnicky with Merge Gestures
  • Hands sometimes don't visually grip Merge weapons after summoning, this can be fixed with a regrip
  • The Galaxy effect of the new Merge VFX is meant to be facing directly at the player. sometimes this can break and instead be perpendicular with the ground.

Special Thanks to Lyneca and Neeshka, without whom I'd not have been able to make my first mod, let alone my first B&S mod