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Enormous magical claws and hands which can climb, grab, punch, shove, and throw enemies. Includes full Valve Index five-finger tracking!

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Mystic Hands is back for U10, and it's better than ever!

Summon massive claws and enormous hands - fully capable of climbing, walking, throwing, catapulting, grabbing, slamming and bashing!

Pull the trigger to spawn the hands:

Hold grip and tap the spell wheel button to switch from Claws to Hands and back:

Grab people and items, and chuck them into the air!

Grab onto terrain to climb and move around!

Punch the ground to create a shockwave!

Combine with the Scale spell to supersize whatever you're holding!


Hands - Spells/Spell_MysticHands.json
  • Color: change handColor. Values are in r, g, b from 0-1, but going above 1 will make it brighter.
  • Torch Color (claws): change lightColor. Values are in r, g, b from 0-1, but going above 1 will make it brighter.
  • Scale: change scale. 1x is the default, 0.1x is around normal hand size, 3x is probably as big as you'd want to go in large maps.
  • Distance: change lengthMult. 1x is default, 2x will give you twice the reach with the hands.
  • Shockwave Radius: change shockwaveRadius. Default is 4.

  • Change the keys mainColorStart and mainColorEnd in Effects/Effect_SpellHandEffect.json. mainColorStart is the color of the trail close to your hand, and mainColorEnd is the color closer to the mystic hand.
  • Or, disable the trail in Spells/Spell_MysticHands.json by setting showTrail to false.