Blade & Sorcery
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Pistols with manual reloading, magazine eject, fire-mode switch and accurate ammo tracking. Requires "Modular Firearms Framework".

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!!! This mod requires the Modular Firearms Framework !!!

You will not be able to use the weapons in this pack without first having the above mod installed

Addtional Details:

This Modular Pistol Addon Pack adds several pistols with manual reloading actions! Pull back the slide to load the first round in the chamber, Short-Press the Spell-Menu for Magazine Ejection, and Long-Press (Hold) the Spell Menu button to switch between Single/Burst/Auto Modes.

Spawn extra magazines or ammo pouches when you run out of ammunition.

This is an Addon Pack for the "Modular Firearms Framework".

Changelog v3.0.0
  • Created Addon Pack for v3.0.0 of Modular Firearms Framework
  • Added 9mm Pistol
  • Added Enforcer Pistol
  • Added H9 Silenced Pistol
  • Added 45 Caliber Pistol
  • Added P8 German Pistol

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