Blade & Sorcery
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Syfe Fireshard - Uiojkl09 - BabySexyMonkey

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Adds the Energy Sword from the Halo series. See video for best representation of the weapon as the pics won't do it much justice.

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Note: currently no plans to bring this into U8.4 unless a toggle script becomes available to me that allows the effects when igniting the blade. Before that happens I wanna overhaul the weapon again and make it a bit less... bad, visually. I know I can do better than what I made so far.

Halo Energy Sword reworked for U7 usingĀ Uiojkl09's script (modified by BabySexyMonkey) for on/off capability as well as activation effects and idle arcs down the blade.

Known issues:

-Sometimes the blade fails to cycle itself on and off, i think this is caused by the player spawning with it on them, just turn it on and off, throw it, pick it up, idk, it eventually works itself out. shouldnt be an issue as it doesnt happen often.
-Arcs dont despawn when blade is turned off. this is known and unfixable (i believe) as i cant tell a particle to stop existing, they'll despawn when they're good and ready to

Future plans: None atm