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Lightsabers from Star Wars with on/off functionality. Requires Blade & Sorcery Update 6.1

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This mod is no longer being developed. Please install The Outer Rim instead for all future updates.

Lightsabers from Star Wars with on/off functionality.

To throw and recall the lightsaber you must throw it reasonably hard and then hold Grip to immediately recall the lightsaber.

Will be merged into a future, larger mod I have planned once this is polished. That mod will contain any more lightsabers among other goodies.

Currently Includes:
  • Darth Vader
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Count Dooku

  • Improve general usability
  • Fix weight balance
  • Blade up/down animations
  • Improve sounds
  • Improve particle effects
  • Add selectable crystal colours
  • Add AI files
  • Saber trails/soft glow (delayed until future B&S update)
  • Wall marks?
  • Saber throws
  • Take a nice long walk along the beach

"How do I turn on the lightsaber?"
That's a fun little experiment on self discovery. It's really not complicated at all and is exactly where you think the button would be. If you still can't figure it out there is an Alternate Controls file available in the Downloads section that binds it to your trigger.

"Why won't the lightsaber won't penetrate when I turn it on?"

The game currently does not allow an object to stab into another object unless there is some forward velocity from the hand. If you move your hand toward the target when turning on the lightsaber it will work.

"The lightsaber keeps passing through things"
I know, I know. This is a limitation with the game engine and may require an increased physics tickrate. I've tried all of the rigid body collision settings and increased the size of the colliders but it doesn't help too much.

"Will you make X? When will X come out? Can I have X's lightsaber?"
There are many lightsabers in the works, this mod is more-or-less a tech demo/development platform for me to get them working right before I expand out and release the rest of the content. I'm doing it this way so that I can focus on providing a good experience before spreading myself thin across numerous weapons.

"How can I make a lightsaber?"
Currently there are no tutorials however I will release the source code at a later date along with a sample prefab. Please stop asking me.

Optimisation notes:
  • Model uses LODs - reduces graphical complexity over distance, will be necessary once AI is ready.