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The Cabal is a new faction of enemies compatible with other mods that modify enemies. These waves are progressive and long, beginning with weak enemies and ending with a boss.

Permissions and credits
In short, this mod adds waves with more unique enemy types than vanilla, spawning weak, unarmored enemies first and progressively upgrading their gear and difficulty until the boss spawns. It's an enhanced take on vanilla waves and enemies that keeps compatibility with any mods that change default enemies.

Progressive Waves
Waves are structured in a way to get more challenging over time. They are long, 46 enemy waves, starting with the weakest units in The Cabal and ending with the Baron.
  • Each Wave also comes with a number of difficulties to play on.
  • For u8.3, all waves are limited to 4 enemies due to performance.
Wave Types
  • Full Army - 46 enemy progressive wave. Every enemy type in The Cabal will appear in this wave.
  • Melee Only - 46 enemy progressive wave. Only Slaves, Cabalists with melee weapons, Elite Cabalists, and the Baron will appear in this wave. 
  • Boss Waves - To challenge yourself with a duel, bosses are available to fight without the Cabalists.
  • MultiBoss Wave - If you're insane enough you can fight 4 bosses at once.
  • Slave - Disposable unarmored fodder of The Cabal. Carries blunt weapons.
  • Cabalist - Typical lightly armored foot soldier. Equipped with a 1h weapon and possibly a shield or bow.
  • Elite Cabalist - More skilled and better geared than the typical Cultist.
  • Cabalist Pyromancer - A long range unit that provides support to foot soldiers.
  • Cabalist Battle Mage - A close range unit capable of both magic and melee combat. Doesn't use fireballs.
  • Baron - Gigantic in stature and much more durability than your typical foot soldier. Has a custom voice and weapon and may or may not spawn with armor. Has a high but reasonable amount of HP and cannot be dismembered or disarmed.
The Outer Rim Addon Waves
(Not included in the main file) Adds new waves that give every enemy type a TOR equivalent weapon, creating a fun fantasy themed take on TOR with a wide variety of enemies to fight. Also gives Elite Cabalists Jedi AI from TOR.
Mod Compatibility
Aside from the boss, all enemies are based on vanilla enemies, allowing them to automatically use weapons from Medieval MegaPack, receive the damage updates from Injury Reborn and have the changes from Ragdoll Effects Overhaul. Any mod that changes the vanilla enemies should effect these enemies.