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Drag and drop the Half-swording folder into your StreamingAssets folder. Usually found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade & Sorcery\Blade & Sorcery_Data\StreamingAssets

Important Notes:

A. Swords and the claymore can now be used with two hands. However, you cannot directly grab the blade, instead you must grab the handle of the sword and slide the hand up to reach the blade.

B. Claymore has issues when grabbing off holster or using TK to recall.


Lionna - Original Half-Swording Mod
A Frosty Burrito - Port to Release 4
Grim Grom - Holster Tweaks
WolfeXXVII - Physics Tweaks
Suraru - Weapon Tweaks, physics tweaks, holster tweaks, compatibilty


1) Cloth can now be penetrated but reduces damage by 25%

2) Arms and legs can now take more of a beating

3) All weapons can be 2H and penetrate all surfaces

4) All weapons can trip, enemies get up much faster

5) More weapons can now go on belt, such as claymore and longsword