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Gain the ability to control earth at your will, fire rocks at enemies, summon spikes from the ground, and much more!

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Become the earth bender you've always wanted to be with gesture-based abilities! Launch imbued rocks at your enemies, shatter the ground, spawn in walls to defend yourself, and a few other abilities, which together can create powerful combos!

To use most of the abilities you'll have to select the earth bending spell on both hands, the mod also comes with a tutorial map which explains how to use each ability

  • Rock Summon
  • Spawns in a rock under your hand

  • Rock Punch
  • Punching a spawned rock will make it fly in the direction you punched

  • Rock Push
  • Pushes all spawned rock in the direction of the cast

  • Rock Spikes
  • Spawns larges spikes from the ground in front of you

  • Earth Shatter
  • Shatter the ground launching enemies in front away

  • Earth Pillars
  • Summon large pillars falling from the sky, crushing enemies

  • Earth Shield
  • Summon a shield in front of you, when the shield is hit by an enemy the shield recoil the enemy

  • Earth Shield Push/Punch
  • Punch or use the rock push to launch the shield, crushing enemies

This spell comes with a total of 4 merges! a merge for each default spell and even one for the ice spell which you can download here: IceSpell

  • Earth + Gravity | Meteor Barrage
  • Summons raining meteors from another dimension crushing and launching enemies away

  • Earth + Lightning | Lightning Spike Storm
  • Creates a storm above the player and causes lightning spikes to fall from the sky above enemies, stunning them

  • Earth + Fire | Bullet Barrage
  • While the merge is active you fire tons of bullets forwards dealing great damage and causing small explosions on hit

  • Earth + Ice | Ice Spikes
  • Causes a ring of spikes to spawn around the player, instantly freezing and killing nearby enemies

  • Petrifaction
  • Any weapon imbued with earth will turn hit body parts to stone making the limb unusable for a long duration, if a petrified body part is hit with a blunt weapon it will snap the limb right off.

  • Earth Shockwave
  • An imbued staff can cause a shockwave when imbued and slammed into the ground (like the gravity shockwave). The shockwave causes nearby enemies to be pushed away with great force.

  • Rock Launch
  • An imbued staff can shoot out a rock by clicking the spell button while the staff is being moved (like the fire staff imbue)

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