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Fire sharp icicles, freeze enemies, and imbue your blades with frost! Now also got a level system and 8 abilities to unlock!

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Ice Spell
Fire extremely sharp ice spikes from your hands piercing and freezing anything that comes in its way, imbue your weapons with frost and slow down any enemy in your way gaining a speed advantage! Unlock 8 different abilities by leveling up and spending the level points in the new menu!

  • Fire icicles from your hands, freezing enemies they pierce
  • New! Leveling system! Xp is gained by hitting, killing, and getting a headshot with the ice spikes
  • New! Unlockable abilities found on the last page of the menu book!
  • New! Better frozen effect!
  • New! Merges with every base spell! Can be unlocked in the ability menu
  • Imbue blades with frost slowing down hit enemies for a duration of time
  • Custom sound and particle effects (Thanks to Drags and LeoVance for all the effects!)

Unlockable Abilities:
  • New! Aim, makes you ice spikes hit almost every time
  • New! Grabbable, makes you able to grab ice spikes after you have fired them
  • New! No Gravity, makes the spikes not fall to the ground
  • New! Imbue, unlocks the ice imbue
  • New! Ice+Ice, fires out a ring of ice spikes around you!
  • New! Ice+Gravity, creates a dome around you freezing any enemy entering!
  • New! Ice+Lightning, Fires ice lightning shurikens where you aim!
  • New! Ice+Fire, Fires a giant ice fire beam freezing and launching back any enemies in front of you!

Features to come:
  • Probably bug fixes
  • More abilities
  • Better effects and sounds
  • Passive abilities that come with level, like firing multiple ice spikes at once
  • If you have any suggestions please leave a post!