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Multiplayer mod. In Blade & Sorcery. Play multiplayer with your friends, in VR! Wow, that's epic

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By downloading my product (Excluding third-party assets/other) you agree to follow the agreement as stated:
1. You will in no capacity infer the content of this product is of your own/others creation, all rights are reserved to me (JohnnyJohnny#5228)

2. You will link my product in either the description or comment section of all your videos containing my product (Past/Present/Future).
2a. Optionally you may credit me instead of a direct link, as stated above, either in the description or comment section of the published media.

3. You will not redistribute and or modify my product in anyway without my explicit consent.

Failure to comply with this agreement gives myself full rights to strike your content for misuse and or breach of the agreed upon license.

All rights reserved.

Some mods may not work with this, it is designed to work best with a default game but a lot of weapon mods will work correctly if the host and clients have them.

This mod is intended for fun, not realistic combat. If you want realistic combat, you will have to wait as it's not exactly possible with this. But what you can have, is fun. Whether or not you play hide and seek, mess about murdering your friends, or just watch each other and have fun. B&S is a great base for a multiplayer game, it doesn't have to all be about combat but for those of you who do want to murder your friends, that is possible :)

Current features:
  • Player head and hand syncing, shown with a black ball for hands and a banana head for players.
  • Full host and client item syncing. If a server is host through the game then the hosts items will be sent to the clients and the host will also be able to see the clients. Every client can see every clients items.
  • Slight PvP. Player damage is calculated on the clientside. If somebodies item has enough velocity on your side then it will damage you

The client at the moment is pretty much fully trusted, which may introduce some exploits. Which is why I recommend only playing with friends, people you trust not to cheat and to have fun. If you don't have friends though, I plan on opening an official server however this will restart every 30 minutes or so to prevent these exploits from being used in too large of a capacity.

Starting a server through the game:
  • You will need to portforward a certain port on your router, this can be done by following a tutorial (such as this)
  • Launch the game with multiplayer installed
  • Go to the start server menu and start a server with the port you opened on your router
  • Now you friends can join using your public ip and the port, you can get your public ip by going to google and typing "What's my ip", but I don't recommend giving this out to just anyone as you could possibly get ddosed through this

(Warning, the dedicated server client currently uses a lot more of your network, I am working on this but at the moment I recommend just launching a server through the game to play with friends)
Starting a server with the dedicated server client:
  • If you are running the client on your computer you will have to still port forward (found above) but otherwise you can put this on a VPS and sort out the port forwarding with them, I've never bought a VPS so I don't know how this is done however (sorry)
  • Create a bat script next to the client exe and call it something such as "Run server.bat"
  • Put inside of that script: BSMultiplayerServer.exe "25" "26950" "95"
        The first parameter is the max players, next is the port to open the server on and next is the tick rate to run the server on    4. Run that .bat file and your server will be running