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Do you like swinging around with a grappling hook? Well, then you need Argan Industries' lastest invention, the Bond Wire! Attach to any surface and swing like a mad man. Instructions in the detailed description.

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  • Press trigger (the one to cast spell) aiming at an object to create the bond.
  • Release trigger to release the bond.
  • Press the alternativeActionButton (the one you use to activate the spell wheel) to shorten the length of the bond. Use it in mid swing to boost your vertical speed!
  • When you don't have a bond created, use the alternativeActionButton to perform an air boost in the direction the Bond Wire is facing. It cancels all your momentum, so use it abruptly change your direction!

Be prepared to facehit walls all the time, and you better have a pretty strong motion sickness resistance.

Have fun!