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Adds over 90 fantasy weapons, many of which are imbued with gameplay altering magical effects.

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Over 90 fantasy weapons, many of which are imbued with gameplay changing magical effects and extra visual effects. The weapons range between being ordinary to completely over the top and having drastic effects like changing the weather. There's a massive amount of weapon variety in this pack so try all the weapons you can and discover what what makes them all unique.

  • A massive variety of 95 weapons
  • Weapons imbued with various magical abilities that effect gameplay (see below)
  • Custom visual effects not only on weapons but when you hit enemies with them
  • New categories for each magical effect to keep your main ones free of clutter
  • Added NPC waves that use Fantasy weapons

  • These are non-magical fantasy weapons, still great to use. Some are of massive size and incredibly difficult to wield and other are of legendary caliber.
  • Volcanic weapons create small explosions on contact with enemies, which can launch enemies off their feet.
  • Venomous weapons will deal damage over time to enemies, which will cause them to occasionally flinch from pain and create extra windows of vulnerability.
  • Shredding weapons cause a delayed burst of damage from blood loss. They are very sharp and can dismember a little easier than other weapons.
  • Knocking enemies out (head or leg shots) with Aqueous weapons will put them into a short sleep, making it easier to handle groups of enemies without having to kill everyone immediately.
  • Blessed weapons can be imbued with the smiting power of the gods. Pressing the trigger button can toggle this ability. No enemy will stand a chance against this power so please use it sparingly and with honor.
  • Soul imbued weapons sap soul fragments from the enemies body, causing enemies to massively recoil.
MODDERS: To make weapons imbued with elements from Fantasy MegaPack, simply create a custom Physics Material and add it to your weapon on the blade. They must be named one of the following:
  • Blade_FMPAxeBleed
  • Blade_FMPDaggerBleed
  • Blade_FMPAxeFire
  • Blade_FMPAxeWater
  • Blade_FMPDaggerWater
  • Blade_FMPDaggerVenom
  • Blade_FMPMassive
  • Blade_FMPSwordSoul
Bleed, Venom and Soul cannot use blunt damagers, but Fire and Water Axe physics materials include effects for blunt damagers.
After this, all you need to do is add a module to your weapon if it's Shredding or Venomous or Blessed (check the item files for the module). Otherwise, just use the appropriate damagers found in the damagers folder.
Ambient effects like the sword on fire or making fire noises comes from what you put in the weapon prefab and are not included, but fire weapons have a custom whoosh also found in the item files.
Note: You have to use custom references to do a Blessed weapon. Custom reference names are "SmiteParticles" which should be a particle system and "SmiteAudioSource" which should be an audio source.