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Fort Toth (The Open Update) is now released for Update 8!

Permissions and credits
Fort Toth - The Open Update (Update 8)

Its features include:
- 4 Wave Locations
- Correct colliders (might've missed a few :( )
- Super Optimised!
- Made climbable

Changes in Update 4
There's a lot, and I might've missed some things
- Updated to Update 8
- A seriously huge amount of optimisation changes
- Rework of lighting and light probes
- Made areas a lot more open
- Reworked the back wave location to feel like an open field
- Fixed a lot of lighting issues
- Fixed a lot of navigation issues
- Fixed particles to use a more performance-friendly shader
- Added some props, removed some props
- Fixed up and optimised the terrain
- Reworked some paint on the terrain
- Removed easter eggs
- Minor fixes and adjustments

- Add props
- Add flags

- Lighting in areas may look a little whacky - Most areas that use light are now baked
- NPC navigation might be weird in some areas - Can still be the case, but it is less likely now

This is with Update 4.0! There will be, of course, bugs to follow!
- The character is surrounded by a ring of shadow. This is a Unity thing I cant really fix
- The trees' lighting is weird, they may flicker black when you get near them
- Trees have no colliders (I won't fix this, as it is a huge hassle to both me doing it, and for others who will get stuck in it)
- In out of bounds areas, you may see planes that are weird shapes. This is to fix lighting issues.

Ambience snow wind sound is edited by the "Ambience" slider in Audio Settings