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Fort Toth Update 3 out Now!

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Fort Toth!

Map Optimiser needed for this to work! Remove old version
sorry im lazy to change the banner as its a pain in the ass

Its features include:
- 4 Wave Locations
- Correct colliders (might've missed a few :( )
- Super Optimised!
- Made climbable

Changes in Update 3!
This is the Optimisation Update, with a tonne of new pretty stuffs!
- Trees and more grassy areas!
- Super Optimisation, with Added LODs to make it better, plus the use of Alex's Map Optimisation script
- Improved lighting to the cellar and the room, tried to make it as best as I could
- Adjusted spawn locations for NPCs
- Removed some laggy stuffs (like Chains)
- Reworked rocky shape
- Added Item spawners to each wave spawning locations
- Added easter eggs that references different people (if you're not in it, don't worry, I love you all, and will be adding more each update :) )
- Removed Item and Wave spawner in the room, as it was unnecessary. 
- Moved some stuff
- Lowered size by a big amount!

- Add props

- Optimisation being trash
- Blinding light artefacts 
- Removed barriers for free travel
- Added slow zones to stairs to avoid NPC flying face first down the stairs
- The weird landslide in the corner of the map
- Few objects are out of line, I think.
- few more I cant remember

This is with Update 3.0! There will be, of course, bugs to follow!
- Lighting in areas may look a little whacky. I blame LWRP
- NPC navigation might be weird in some areas.
- Jumping high with the skybox will reveal the REAL ONEEE
- maybe some more I have missed

Ambience snow wind sound is edited by the "Ambience" slider in Audio Settings

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