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A framework and example Glock that allows enemies to be shot at point-blank range.

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The video below explains how to download mods manually

To install, go to D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade & Sorcery\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods
Then simply drop the newly imported folder into the "Mods" folder!

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I've always wanted to shoot enemies from just an inch away, so I finally made a fully customizable mod for U12, preparing for 1.0. It features a Glock and a 100% customizable framework that other modders can use!

Here are the default settings:
      "$type": "GunRaycast.PewPew, GunRaycast",
      "bulletID": "GlockShot",
      "alternateBulletID": "GlockShot",
      "shellCasingVFX": "ShellCasingVFX",
      "shotVFX": "ShotVFX",
      "shotSFX": "ShotSFX",
      "shotAnimation": "ShotAnimation",
      "collisionVFX": "CollisionVFX",
      "collisionSFX": "CollisionSFX",
      "collisionForce": 0.0,
      "collisionRadius": 0.0,
      "firingMode": "Normal",
      "laser": false,
      "laserColor": "Red",

- Base bullet abilities and Glock laser sight can be customized directly from the book (See images for reference)
- Firing mode is "Normal" (Trigger = Single Shot, Spell Button = Rapid Fire) or "Alternate" (Spell Button = Single Shot, Trigger = Rapid Fire)

For Modders:
- Aiming works based on the "SpawnPoint", so place the gameobject there with the blue arrow pointing the direction you want to fire
- Create any bullets you want with ONLY the mesh since collision calculations are done through code
- Gun VFX and SFX are all done within the gun EXCEPT collision VFX and SFX.
   - Make sure the game objects for "ShellCasingVFX", "ShotVFX", and "ShotSFX" are named exactly that. 
   - Make sure the effect Jsons for "CollisionVFX" and "CollisionSFX" are named exactly that. 
- Animation needs to be named "ShotAnimation"
- CollisionForce and CollisionRadius need to both be higher than 0 in order to get explosion knockback
- Gun laser and color option in the Json customize any gun that isn't the Glock
- Base bullet abilities are universal for all guns

I hope you enjoy!
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Mod Not Working:
Before reporting a bug or something not working properly, please make sure to follow these rules: If something doesn't work and you don't provide proof(ie. Player Log, pictures, gifs, etc), your comment/bug will be deleted


your existing mods
2) DELETE the "BladeAndSorcery" Folder HERE: "C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\LocalLow\WarpFrog\" 
3) DELETE the "Saves" Folder HERE: "C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery\"
4) REINSTALL the latest game version
5) RETURN prior mods to the "Mods" folder. (Even better: add 1 by 1 to ensure no mods conflict with others)
6) MAKE sure to download the latest mod version
7) WILL NOT WORK if you have a pirated Blade and Sorcery, mods do not work, so the game......

*you may have issues with mods and other aspects of Blade and Sorcery if this is not done*