Blacklight: Tango Down
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Brutal Mode increases the difficulty of the Black Ops game type by reducing health sources, increasing HRV recharge times, and disabling ammo refills.

Permissions and credits
Black Ops is often considered not to be much of a challenge, even at the highest difficulty. This mod aims to add a bit of spice to the mode, so that even seasoned players are kept on their toes. It does this in multiple ways:

Health Stations Disabled & Health Regeneration Disabled
Now, being at low health is a big problem, as you can't simply wait around to regenerate enough health to peek out again. Additionally, no more backtracking to get the infinite heals of the health station.

Ammo Stations Disabled
We all love our guns. I know it's hard to part with them, but once you run out of ammo, you're going to have to pick up a new one from the ground. This promotes a new style of play, requiring you to scavenge for a new weapon at the end of a long gunfight. Since your pistol can't be replaced, it is to be reserved for emergency situations, such as when your primary runs out of ammo. As you can't refill your grenades, I've given you an extra lethal grenade in reserve (frag/prox).

Decreased HRV Recharge Rate
It sure is nice to know what's around the corner... But in Brutal Mode, even a short tap on the visor will leave it down for a while. This forces you to use the visor more tactically.

Disabled health regen and decreased HRV recharge rate will only work if you choose the Recon armor. So, for the full experience, equip Recon on the loadout you're using.

Oh, you wanted a greater challenge? Well, if you use the Recon Tactical armor instead, your health will be reduced to 1, rendering you a one-hit-kill from any source! You do get a nice speed boost though.

Warning! Using this mod in multiplayer modes might have unforeseen consequences. It's unknown exactly how modded clients interact with vanilla ones. If everyone involved has the mod installed, then it should work correctly, in theory.

Here's a video of the mod in action. (Spoiler: I die)

Gildor's Unreal Package Decompressor
Hex Editor Neo

  1. Navigate to "\steamapps\common\Blacklight Tango Down\FoxGame\CookedPCConsole"
  2. Locate FoxGameContent_SF.upk and make a backup of it outside of the Tango Down installation. If you don't back it up, you'll have to reinstall the game or verify the game cache to get the original file back.
  3. Extract decompress.exe (from to the backup location.
  4. Drag & drop FoxGameContent_SF.upk onto decompress.exe. A new, decompressed version of FoxGameContent_SF.upk will be created inside a folder titled "unpacked"
  5. Install Hex Editor Neo if you haven't already (if you customize your installation, make sure that "Patch API" stays checked)
  6. Run Brutal_1-0.hexpatch (from "Brutal").
  7. For "Path to the file to patch," select the decompressed FoxGameContent_SF.upk.
  8. Press Start. It will give you a message saying the patch was created with the free version of Hex Editor Neo. Simply press Continue.
  9. Copy the modified FoxGameContent_SF.upk and paste it back into "\CookedPCConsole"
  10. The mod should now be installed. An easy way to see if it worked is to load up Street Fight, expend some ammunition, and try to refill at the nearby ammo station. If your ammo doesn't get refilled, the mod was installed successfully!

This mod is incompatible with any mods that change:
- Recon or Recon Tactical armor modifiers
- Ammo Station resupply delay
- Health Station healing amount
- Frag Grenade or Prox Mine reserve ammo
Anything else should be good to go.

Future Plans
- Increase weapon despawn timer