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Okay, so this file change makes it so that all the buildings (amphitheater and all) are unlocked from the start of a new save game. Embellishments (lamps, the spike, etc.) are also unlocked from the beginning. This requires you to start a new game. It does not work with old save files. I tested it and it only works on new games.

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I made this tweak in a 1.3 fan patch install, but it should work for any version of Black and White 2.

I recently started playing this game again and I hated having to grind through quests to unlock buildings. And, I didn't like being asked to impress the Norse capital by spamming many of the same buildings (that's immersion breaking to me). So, I changed a text file to unlock all the buildings from the start; that way, you can start building anything you want from the beginning of the game.

There are still lots of things to spend tribute on, like miracles, creature toys and abilities and wonders. I did not change the values of their cost. I estimate that there are 2,620,000 tribute points you can spend on these things. You start land 3 with only 200,000.

To install:
-go to your Black and White 2 folder then Data/Balance. (for example E:\Program Files (x86)\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2\Data\Balance )
-copy your GameBalanceArtefact file to a safe place
-paste my file into your Data/Balance folder
-Start a new game. This does not work with existing save games.

This tweak was inspired by a post on gamefaqs by Pyro79999 and the gamefaqs cheats section ( The original tweak was posted by DW6freak:
"Afford anything
This can be a complicated but nifty little trick that not everyone will know. This will NOT work on pre-saved games.
Go to the directory where you installed Black & White 2, and find the
file "GameBalanceArtefact.txt" in \data\Balance\ directory
copy the file to a safe location--you may need it later. once you have done
this, open the file stored in the directory listed above. You will see
the values for everything on the tribute menu. Look for something
similar to this:
disregard the other numbers. change the value directly to the right of any
artefact and you WILL change it's tribute cost in the game. Do not
change it below 1000 because it may not work properly. You can do this
with every one, but make sure to change the total cost at the end of
the file to whatever it now ads up to."