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For the fuzziest of Fuzziness. Maximum non-Manifest setting for Biomutant; likely compatible with other UE4 projects.

Permissions and credits
Force-settings for UE4; while not all will be enabled by default, non-manifest locked settings will take effect.

Things removed

Temporal AntiAliasing:
No one likes vaseline on their monitor, not even porn stars.
Chromatic Abberation: This isn't a movie, this definitely isn't a movie recorded onto a LP VHS tape that was used for soap operas for a decade.
Depth of Field: Ew. Also still not a movie.
Motion Blur: Begone Snot.
Film Grain: No. Bad. No.

Things Added:

ACES Tonemapping: Far more naturalistic than standardized color correction, especially for HDR and 10 bit monitors or monitors with 12/14 bit LUTs. Will also affect dynamic lightsources.
Color Correct Bloom: You'll only see this for certain times of day and certain abilities, but it makes a difference
"Subsurface Scattering": Since everything in Biomutant is mostly fuzzy, you're not going to see this very often, except on your right hand and on... trees. Not sure why trees have Skin and Blood Materials, but I'm not judging. This will also subtlely color your fur in a direct light source, but it's not very noticeable              
Global Shadows and AO: Shadows will be cast as far as you can see and will not fade... even in the dark. So you can have shadows in your shadows.
True Volumetric Fog: Fog will use its full volume density instead of being a hazy fall back transparency. Will definitely affect visibility, especially the closer you get.

Things Modified

Fade Distance/LOD: Maxed Out.
Shadow Resolution: More Biggerest.
Ambient Occlusion Distance: Max distance.
Reflection\Refraction: Maxed. Note: (This will make you super shiny when you're wet)
Light Shaft Translucency: All the Shimmers.
Fur Fuzziness: The loss of Smearing and Blur on Post processing means how good your fur now looks is entirely dependent on base resolution and shell volumes.