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My Personal Reshade Made available
(I felt areas Without Light Should be darker + A bit of Vibrance)

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1.0.1 - Added separate Version with slightly reduced Vibrance For those who Dig that. (Original File Not Changed)
Description: I felt areas Without Light/Sunlight Should feel darker + A bit of Extra Color

Expect an FPS Loss,(Open Reshade menu/Bottom right try "Performance mode" May help FPS") Give a Try for yourself
And Also
If You Feel it's a bit too Dark, Use in-game brightness to adjust to your liking.

Check Sticky Post If you run into a strange screen issue

Description: I felt areas Without Light Should be darker + A bit of Vibrance
( After you've tried my Reshade I encourage you to try OTHER Biomutant reshades available, sometimes you need to try something else to appreciate what you've got. Or perhaps you'll find something else you really enjoy)


(Watch in 2k)

 Your FlashLight actually matters now

Some enemies Lurk in shadows

But Mooma taught you Well

Stay Focused & stay on Your Toes

Won't hold back

But there's only one way to know if you're up for it. 

Download & Give a Try For Yourself & Remember to Endorse!

(Check Sticky Post After Install)

-Drag & Drop Files into \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\BIOMUTANT\Biomutant\Binaries\Win64

-In-game you Should see a message at the top like This...

-at Main menu hit the *Home*  key

-At the top click the drop-down menu

-Choose "BIOShade", Hit select


-If you want, set up "Effect toggle Key" for your own comparisons
(At the top look for a tab that says "Settings" click it, Look for "effect toggle key".. add what you desire)

- Now go make Mooma proud :)