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Replaces all of the NPC Jeanne models with Bayonetta, making her the antagonist of the game. Also replaces the "ally" Jeanne models that fight beside you during certain parts of the game, + minor fixes to the game's cutscenes for Jeanne playthroughs.

Permissions and credits
Perfect for a Jeanne playthrough of the game, this mod replaces everything about NPC Jeanne and turns her into Bayonetta! NPC Jeanne's outfits, guns, beast within animals, wicked weaves/demon summons, and in-game voice are all modified to make her into Bayonetta instead! Also fixes the nun outfits in the prologue and epilogue chapters to match the related characters. No more "twin" Jeanne! All of these changes are shown in cutscenes and in game.

Make sure that you install CreativeHandle's "child Jeanne" mod to go along with this, turning child Cereza into child Jeanne in cutscenes and in game! Also replaces the stuffed animal "Cheshire" with Jeanne's stuffed animal "Charles". Link here 

I want to give a very special thanks to Kerilk (Elediane) for spending SO much of their time teaching me the techniques to make this sort of mod. Without Kerilk's work, this project (and 99% of all Bayonetta mods) would not be possible. I also want to thank CreativeHandle for all of his work on the info-tables on the "Bayonetta Tools by Kerilk" wiki, making the "advanced" model swapping and merging process a thousand times easier. Also a huge thanks to nicole finn as well, for sharing how to mod enemy Jeanne's voice with me!

What this mod replaces in detail:
  • Replaces default enemy and ally Jeanne seen throughout the game with D'arc Bayonetta.
  • Replaces the ally and enemy "old" Jeanne seen in the records of time chapter, and chapter 2.
  • Replaces the enemy and ally "suited/uniformed" Jeanne with default Bayonetta (+NEW HD TEXTURES thanks to SimpleMind666!)
  • Replaces enemy Jeanne's in-game voice with Bayonetta's.
  • Replaces enemy Jeanne's madama styx wicked weaves and demon summons with Bayonetta's madama butterfly summons.
  • Replaces enemy and ally Jeanne's "All 4 One" guns with Bayonetta's "Scarborough Fair".
  • Replaces Bayonetta's umbran watch which Jeanne (now Bayonetta) steals in chapter 2 with Jeanne's umbran watch.
  • Replaces the lynx, moths, and owl enemy Jeanne transforms into seen in chapter 5 with Bayonetta's panther, bats, and crow.
  • Replaces enemy Jeanne's lynx form in game with Bayonetta's panther form.
  • Fixes the chapter 5 cutscene when playable Jeanne first transforms into a lynx, where it still showed Jeanne turning into a panther.
  • Fixes the chapter 12 fight-cutscene when playable Jeanne transforms into a panther and then into bats; she now turns into a lynx and then into moths.
  • Removes enemy Jeanne's hat shown in certain parts of the game, as this hat doesn't fit Bayonetta's hair.
  • Fixes playable Jeanne as a nun in the prologue cutscene, where it still showed Bayonetta.
  • Replaces nun-Jeanne with nun-Bayonetta in the last cutscene of the epilogue chapter.
  • The glasses child Jeanne gives to Luka now matches the ones she wears (retextured red).

Known bugs:
  • In the epilogue chapter, you don't get to play as Bayonetta in the first five verses. The only fix for this would be to replace the playable "uniformed" Jeanne with default Bayonetta, which isn't worth it imo.
  • In cutscenes, Bayonetta has Jeanne's "All 4 One" guns still equipped on her hands, while her heel guns are Scarborough Fair. This bug is not present in game.
  • There are twin Bayonettas in the last cutscene of the records of time chapter.
  • Enemy Bayonetta's wicked weave and demon summon portals still show white hair at the base of the portal, while the weaves and demons themselves have Bayonetta's black hair.

That's all, have fun with it everyone!