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"A comprehensive (OneDay) bug fixing mod for HBS's BATTLETECH. The goal of the Unofficial BattleTech Patch (UBTP) is to eventually fix every bug with BattleTech not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of Harmony and community-developed tools, in one easy to load mod.",

Permissions and credits
HBS did a great job. Together we can do better. 
What this mod is: Fixes for the base game (Bugs)
What this mod is not: Feature enhancements or requests that change anything other than bug fixes of the base vanilla game. 

(UBTP) Incorporates cFixes + new patches. 

The story so far: (What's been fixed)
- vehicledef_MOBILEHQ replaced with correct vehicledef_AMMOTRANSPORT on Liberate Smithson Mission (Credit: Wales Grey for letting the team know) (0.0.6)
- ShutdownCausesInjury setting causes mech to glitch out. (0.0.3)
- Adding Health to Pilots while Injured causes longer recovery time. (0.0.5)
- Bracing Mechs Correctly Cools them down.(0.0.4)

Report a bug and we'll do our best to get it fixed. 
BATTLETECH Bug Reports | Paradox Interactive Forums (

0.0.4 - Fixes Brace not properly applying heatsinks! (This took a long time to track down) 
0.0.3 - Fixed Access Issue for MechShutdown Patch (REQUIRED TO PREVENT SOFTLOCK Overhead bug in Vanilla Game!)

Orginal Work on JSON Edits by CFixes - cFixes at BattleTech Nexus - Mods and Community (