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A collection of tweaks to battletech game files to give a 'closer to TT'' with a few extra additions. The game is slightly more difficult in the early stages and will reward the player for optimal decision making.

Permissions and credits
UltraMod 4
-Reborn Edition -

This is a collection of various tweaks to BattleTech to make the game similar to Table Top and reward the player with optimal decision making.  While every effort has been made to try and implement most TT features some sacrifices have been made, but I have tried to balance any changes wherever possible.  

BETA Note: Due to high frequency of changes, it is best to remove any previous versions of UltraMod before installing the Beta. This will ensure the most optimal version is being used.  The beta should be stable and has been playtested before release, but there might be some typos or random stat errors that go unnoticed.  It is also recommended to delete the cache folder which is located in Mods/.modtek/ if you encounter any issues.

Key Features
  • Endo-steel, Ferro-Fibrous and MASC.  These are not quite Table Top, but should offer interesting new gameplay options.

  • Randomised starting Mechs' from base Medium and Light Mechs, Doesn't include DLC mechs. (Career only)

  • Rebalanced Mech and Part costs.  (Known issues please see below)

  • Sale prices of Mechs, parts and equipment is increased to 50%. 

  • Weapon files for Hangar of Stompyness, allowing use of all HoS Mechs with UltraMod without spoiling balance.  This applies to 4.0.6 and above.

  • 'Mechs have Signature and Visibility values based off their Class, light mechs get a spotting bonus and are harder to spot. Heavy mechs get a spotting penalty

  • and are easier to spot at long range.

  • Weapons have TT values for damage, size, heat etc. ( There is a a new formula for critical slots due to the limited slots available on the arms. )

  • Ammo bins have been adjusted to their TT price per ton values and descriptions have been corrected. 

  • Increased ammo for Inferno SRM's and Flamers.

  • 2 new weapons Light AC2 and Light AC5.  These currently use the oringal ammo types.

  • Stock versions of Gauss, ER/Pulse Lasers, LBX, UAC, ER/Snub PPC, Tag and Narc will appear in shops and skirmish.

  • LBX's have been reworked, but still retain their original damage output.

  • Ship upgrades are more expensive and take longer to build.

  • Mech Bay, Recreational and Medical upgrades give different bonuses at varying costs instead of all just +2. 

  • The amount of (Med/Mech/Morale) points for a fully upgraded Argo have been increased.

  • Training modules give slightly less XP but Library 1 and 2, and the Arcade now give some xp.

  • The Mechlab takes 20% longer to do any work and there is a cost for armour modifications. 

  • 'Mechs internal structure repair time and costs have increased by ~66%.

  • Tweaked AI.

  • Reworked Abilities.

  • Lots of balance changes to game and sim constants.

Known Issues
1) The latest beta introduces new mech and part costs for all mechs, this has an impact on Skirmish/MP Battle Value tiers for predefined Lances. So far the only work around is to play on the Unlimited setting.  Until I can find where the information for tier limit is stored or make changes to the Lances, players will have to agree on their own limits for now.

2) Some of the Mech variants included in the game (and also the Bullshark) have unlisted stats, so I have had to find a similar match to use instead. If you find any of these Mechs not balanced in regards to their ability vs cost, please post in the forum.

Added MASC.
Fixed Ferro-Fibrous being OP.
Rebalanced all 'Mech and Parts prices based on Battle Value.
Increased vehicle speeds (distance travelled).
Randomised starting Mechs'
Some tweaks to constants.

Incorporated Hangar of Stompyness Weapons.
Added Endo-Steel.
Added Ferro-Fibrous.
Adjusted all weapon max ranges to better fit extreme range profile.
Lots of tweaks to item text to better fit GUI list views.
Fixed chances of not getting certain weapons in salvage.

Navandozer and LHdG for bugfixing.  Crackfox for HoS files.  Kurst for base Endo-Steel files.

Harebrained Schemes, FASA and the excellent modding community at NexusMods including any early modders who have given me inspiration for the changes in this mod.  

You are free to use any modded files from this mod, please drop me a message if you do.

Thanks for trying the mod, I hope you enjoy it.

- Logicon