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My personal take on AI for Battletech Revised

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A lot more aggresive AI variant. No more camping. No more hiding. No more waiting. No more sensorlock cheesing.

AI is relentless and will try to keep you in LOS for his buddies. Spreads more and will try to aproach you from different angles when that is possible. It will prefer high ground or cover bonus but if it sees an opportunity will step out in open and unleash hell even if that means overheating.

Defensive moves like running away, bracing or breaking LOS will happen only after you deal serious ammount of damage and even then it may decide to return the favor. Vehicles will not be stuck waiting in holes. Scouts will not run away if you hit them with a medium laser. And your repair bills will skyrocket.

You have been warned! Get some tissues for your tears and lubricant for your accurators.

It should work with any mod, except those that support run and gun, but that can be adjusted very easy. Correction. It will work but it will not be optimal. I will try to reduce the ammount of those as much as possible, but some just doesn't have in a non run and gun mod. Every variable that starts with "SPRINT" must match the nonsprint one, except those that sprinting is with higher value.


"Float_PreferHigherExpectedDamageToHostileFactorWeight" and "Float_SprintPreferHigherExpectedDamageToHostileFactorWeight" must have the same "floatVal" which is 2 in this case.

It will work with mods that have low chance to hit, but "Float_EvasiveToHitFloor" must be lowered, as curently below 20% chance AI will shoot a single "conservative" shot.

Is it better than BetterAI? Absolutly not! It is different. With my own twists and surprises. Just a different view of how should combat flow.



Remove ".modtek" and "BetterAI" folders if present in "BATTLETECH\Mods" and unzip there the folder inside the ".zip" file.