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All Mechs get Special FixedItems like the mechs from Heavy Metal! Have Fun!
Some Mechs use the same Fixed Item.

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This is my 4th Mod for Battletech. All Mechs get a Special Item, that make them special. This is an Alpha please test it and write me what you are think. Nothing in wrote in Stone. If you have a good idea for some mechs, we can try it.

Mech Name Zone Benefit

Battelmaster   C3-Commando Modul Head +1  Laser, Missle, Balistic, +25m view all Lancemates
Cicada      Engine CT      +1 Ini
Locust     Engine TM +1 Ini
Thunderbolt Robust frame TM - 30% Stab Damage
Atlas Melee Circuit head +60 stab Damaged ; +1 Moral
awesome Robust frame CT - 30% Stab Damage
banshee Engine TM +1 Ini
Blackjack Sniper Unit Head +100m view, +10% called shots
Blackknight Command Module Head +2 Hit Defence all Lancemates
cataphract Robust frame CT - 30% Stab Damage
ctapult Targeting Computer CT +100m view, +2 Missle, +2 PPC
centurion Shield LA -20% Damage
commando Comannd Module CT -10% Damage to all Lancemates ,+1 resolve
crab Overload-Unit CT +25% Large Laser Damage
dragon Engine TM +1 Ini
enforcer Cooling Jaket LT - 10% Weapon Heat,+ 10 Max Heat,+ 5 Overheat Threshold
firestarter Close-Combat-Unit CT +90m range
grasshopper Engine TM +1 Ini
griffin Improved Cockpit Head +2 Hitpoints Pilot, -3 Hit Defence
highlander Reinforced Legs Legs -40 DFA Damged
hunchback Melee - Gyro CT +4 Melee
jagermech Targeting Computer Head +100m view, +2 Missle, +2 AC
javelin Reinforced Legs Legs +40 DFA Damaged
jenner Engine TM +1 Ini
kingcrab Range Extender AC20 Head + 90m range for AC20
kintaro Missle - Router CT +20% Damage SRM
Orion Robust frame CT - 30% Stab Damage
panther Energy-Compactor LT +25% PPC Damage
quickdraw Engine TM +1 Ini
shadowhawk Targeting Computer head +100m View, +1 Missle,Balistic,Energy
spider Engine TM +1 Ini
stalker Targeting Computer head +100m View, +1 Missle,Balistic,Energy
trebuchet Engine TM +1 Ini
Urbanmech Robust frame CT - 30% Stab Damage
Victor Engine TM +1 Ini
Vindicator Cooling Jaket LT - 10% Weapon Heat,+ 10 Max Heat,+ 5 Overheat Threshold
wolverine Commando-Modul LT +1 Moral, -20% weapon heat all lancemates
Zeus Engine TM +1 Ini

Sorry, for this ugly table.