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Salvage Operations offers a major improvement on the 'Mech assembly and salvaging systems in BATTLETECH. Not only can you assemble 'Mechs from multiple similar variants, but you can choose which variant to assemble! Be careful, though, as it takes much longer to assemble a 'Mech from similar variants.

Permissions and credits
Salvage Operations

BattleTech mod to revamp how 'Mech salvage is generated and how 'Mechs are assembled.

'Mech Salvage Drops

  • 'Mechs now drop from 0 pieces all the way up to the `DefaultMechPartMax.'
  • Amount dropped depends on what parts were destroyed from the 'Mech during the mission.
  • Currently, you get 1/2 * DefaultMechPartMax for the CT and 1/12 * DefaultMechPartMax for all other non-head parts. These values are adjustable from the Settings in the mod.json.
  • Partial parts are rounded up at 0.75 and above, down otherwise. This setting is also adjustable.
  • The salvaging screen now shows how many total parts between all variants you have when choosing salvage. 
  • 'Mechs that are included in the Exclusion list in the Settings are marked as a (R) for Rare. 

'Mech Assembly

  • All 'Mechs that are assembled are placed directly into Storage.
  • You are not forced into assembling 'Mechs.
  • An event popup happens when you can put together a 'Mech.
  • Related variants of a 'Mech can be used together to create one of those variants.
  • You can choose between the top three (in pieces) variants to assemble.
  • 'Mechs can be excluded from this Assembly algorithm and can only be assembled using parts from their specific variant.
  • The fewer pieces used to assemble a 'Mech, the longer it will take to ready from Storage. Time to Assemble = (Standard Ready Time) * (Ready Mech Delay Factor) * (Parts Required to Assemble + 1 - Parts used from main Variant)

Hotkeys for 'Mech Assembly

  • Shift-(right mouse click) a 'Mech in the Storage to attempt to assemble that variant from available parts. 
  • Shift-(right mouse click) the Storage tab to assemble using all available parts in your inventory.


ReadyMechDelayFactor: 1
This value adjusts how long it takes to assemble a 'Mech

CT_Value: 0.5
Percent of 'Mech salvage from not destroying the CT.

Other_Parts_Value: 0.0833333
Percent of 'Mech salvage from all other salvaged non-head parts.

Rounding_Cutoff: 0.75
Partial parts are rounded up at 0.75 and above, down otherwise.

SalvageValueUsesSellPrice: true
Does the salvage screen show the salvage value based upon how much it costs to actually sell the part?

ReplaceSalvageLogic: true
Replace the in-game salvage logic with the salvage algorithm from this mod. 

VariantExceptions: {mechdefs}
Listing of 'Mechs by mechdefs that can not be combined to salvage.

Mod Compatability

Not Compatible with:
  • AdjustedMechAssembly
  • AdjustedMechAssemblyCC
  • AdjustedMechSalvage

Mod Installation
  • Copy the SalvageOperations folder into your BATTLETECH\Mods directory.
  • Requires ModTek.