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This mod adds a large number of canon weapon variants to the game, corrects incomplete or erroneous weapon model names from the base game, and applies these weapons to all existing 'Mech variants in the game as per their proper canon-specified models/manufacturers. Supports other 'Mech-adding mods, such as JK_Variants, and those found in the CAB.

Permissions and credits
Adds a vast array of canon weapon models (295) to the game for the 3025 era, and updates all 'Mech existing variants in the base game to carry the appropriate models, plus those added by other mods.  Also adds all new weapon variants to shops, weighted appropriately as to their lore-defined rarity.

View the README text at bottom for installation instructions.
Please note that only a VANILLA 'MECHBAY version of this mod currently exists. 
A MechEngineer version may be created when resources permit.

Now includes an optional Rarity tags as a separate, complimenting mod.  If you wish to limit the appearance of the alternative variants to faction/time period appropriateness then please place the WepDiv3025 Rarity Tags folder in your /Mods folder. Credit to Justin Kase and other authors for the infrastructure for this function.

Mods currently covered (only for vanilla 'Mechbay):

BD_Annihilator Vanilla
BD_Archer Vanilla
BD_Assassin Vanilla
BD_Champion Vanilla
BD_Flea Vanilla
BD_Longbow Vanilla
BD_Marauder Vanilla
BD_Rifleman Vanilla
Warhammer (when used in conjunction with LC_WarhammerConvertVanilla)

Jamming for Autocannons:
Using the functionality enabled by WeaponRealizer, appends the possibility of jamming to all Autocannons in the game.  Healthy/reliable autocannons have a very low chance to jam.  This has been tested in gameplay, and any weapons not known for jamming seldom do so.  However, some models in lore are known for jamming or ammunition-feed issues, and so their chance to jam has been made higher than that of other Autocannons.

Jamming probability is reduced by the gunnery skill of the present MechWarrior, so train up that gunnery!

Shop Support through itemCollections:
Sorts the new weapon models, allowing them to spawn in shops randomly with frequency depending on their rarity/quality.  Prices have also been scaled based on quality/rarity for new weapons.

Salvage Support:
Items will be in the uncommon/rare weapon pool for salvage spawn.  You will also see a lot more - / + weapons, or unmarked weapons with different manufacturers, due to the fact that opposition units will be carrying their appropriate models instead of mostly STOCK weapons.

Half-Ton Ammunition:
Half-Ton Ammunition boxes have been added to shops for all weapon types.  For times when a full ton just isn't necessary.  

Increased Masculinity:
Medical teams have also indicated that downloading and installing this mod reinforces your sense of manliness and self-worth.  Download and install it, now.

Special Thanks:
I would like to thank the following individuals for their help with troubleshooting/answering my questions/other forms of support (in no particular order):

Justin Kase
GenTask (author of GT_WeaponDiversity)
TheRitoSenpai (extensive testing and feedback)

- Will create an alternative version of the mod which restores TableTop range penalties (short/medium/long/extreme), and other ToHit penalties according to TableTop rules to the game when used.
- Will add VehicleImprovementMod support.
- Will increase the variety of 'Mech and 'Mech parts available for purchase randomly in shops, based on lore rarity and region availability.
- Additional faction/manufacturer shop rate differentiation to be implemented.

Usage instructions:

Note that this mod currently supports the VANILLA 'MechBay only.  A MechEngineer version may be developed at some point.

Before enabling this mod, ensure that you have the latest version of the WeaponRealizer mod installed and functional.  Autocannon jamming functionality depends on that mod.
This mod contains entries that modify the weapon models on 'Mechs added to the game by other mods, such as the Warhammer, Javelin, Assassin, etc.  To use this mod do the following:

1) After installing WeaponRealizer, copy the WeaponDiversity3025 folder into your Battletech/mods directory.

2) Optionally, download and copy the WedDiv3025 Rarity Tags folder to your Battletech/mods, if you wish to use the LanceDefs for the alternative manufacturer variants to limit their appearance. This is not necessary if you are using the latest version of JK Rarity Tags.

3) Start Battletech.


Deleting the ".modTek" folder in your /Mods directory is recommended before initial usage, and during troubleshooting.

****LOAD ORDER****
If you encounter any issues with 'Mech loadouts or weapons properties/flavor text then please ensure no mods that affect weapon or 'Mech files in whole are loading after this mod.  You can check this in your .modTek folder within the /mods directory.  There is a file there named "load_order", and you can use it to change the order in which ModTek loads your active mods.

Thank you.
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