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About this mod

a save editor for HBS's BattleTech PC game.

Note the version hosted here is outdated and will not be updated further. Please Visit Mods-In-Exile to download the most current version

Permissions and credits
Please Note that Due to Nexus's current policies that strip mod authors of control of their works. This mod will no longer be updated here on Nexus. All future releases will take place on Mods-In-Exile.

This editor allows you to modify your save files. Please note that this is a work in progress as I have not completely interpreted all the data in the save file yet, so I will be updating this as I find the time.

I recommend having a backup of your save before you modify it (just in case). If you are modifying a steam save, you will need to keep the save file name the same or it wont show up. 

Current Abilities:
  • Change your company's Funds
  • Add/Remove items to your inventory (weapons, equipment, mech chassis, etc...)
  • Scan your BattleTech installation directory to make adding inventory easier
  • Pilot Skills and Abilities can be edited
  • Change your access to the Black market
  • Change your reputation with the major factions
  • remove star systems and contracts to recover saves from mod removal (in some cases)
  • move to any star system (still experimental) 
  • Add and Remove the mechs in your mechbay

Ideas for Future Abilities:
  • Edit the mechs in your mechbay
  • replay Flashpoints
  • resurrect fallen pilots
  • add new pilots
  • allow Ronin pilots to appear for hire again

Known Problems/Limitations
  • Currently only available for 64 bit windows (I have tested Windows 10, but older versions should work)

This mod is only available on Mods-In-Exile, if you have downloaded it from somewhere else other than on Nexus, where an old version remains hosted it has been stolen and I cannot guarantee it is free of malware.
Common Problems and Questions

How Do I use this tool?
 1. Open the Save Editor
 2. Click on "Load" button from the "Load/Save" options on the main screen and select the savefile you want to modify.
2a. If you don't know where to find your savefiles, refer to this forum post. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/needed-support-logs-save-locations.1133621/
2b.  No clue which save file you want to actually modify? This can be easily identified when sorting files by "modification date".
3. Click on "Scan" button from the "Scan Installation" options on the main screen and proceed to wait until it finishes the process.
4. Edit your savefile with the save editor tool as needed.
5. Click on the "Save" button from the "Load/Save" options on the main screen and overwrite file.

How do I use the Bulk Add Feature?
the bulk add feature uses a CSV file to add many items to your inventory at once. the CSV should have no headers for its columns. the First column shall be the item's Type (valid values are what the save editor shows in the 'Type' field on the inventory tab (not the dropdown). the Second column shall be the ID of the item (from its JSON file) the final column shall be how many of the item should be in the inventory (ie it does not add to what is already there, it simply replaces it with this new value).

How do I use the custom portrait feature for pilots?
the custom portrait feature requires another mod to load the portraits into the game and make changes so that the commander can have a custom portrait (such as Commander Portrait Loader). to adjust the portrait simply check the use Custom portrait checkbox and enter the ID of the portrait. For Commander Portrait Loader this is the name of the file minus its path and extension. Please note that this change is a one-way change (once you add a custom portrait the editor does not currently support going back to a non-custom portrait)

I found a bug or have a strange issue, how do I report them?
To help me debug the issue you are seeing, please provide me with a clear description of the issue, steps to reproduce, a save that replicates the issue, the game logs and the log from the editor. you can send these to me via google drive, drop box or discord (@Jamie Wolf) through the battletech game discord (or roguetech, or battletech 3025 extended, or BTA 3062). feel free to post them here as a comment, a bug or as a private message.

Does it work with mods?
Mods that use Modtek to load into the game should be picked up by the scan function. I have used it just fine with 3025 Extended and RogueTech. If you run into problems, report them to me with mods you are using,  an example save and the output log from the game.

How do I add Mechs?
Open the Mechbay editor tab, select the mech you want to add (you must perform a scan first to find mechs). Press add to mechbay

Pilot Skills and Ability editing
the Editor allows you to setup pilots however you want, do be careful however I have not tested how the game reacts if you set an ability twice or an ability without the skill needed for it so bad things may result.

I use ME, RT or XLRP and when I add a mech it is not valid
Using Mech Engineer or a mod that depends on it (RogueTech, XLRP) complicates the mech adding process because the mech files do not contain all the extra components that ME adds to a mech. Adding fully functional mechs is still possible but requires a few extra steps and a recent version of CustomComponents to work. Steps are detailed by the 'ME/RT/XLRP Help' button in the editor. Huge thanks to Denadan for adding support into CC that makes this possible.

I added MECHPARTs to my inventory but no mech shows up in my mech bay
Mechparts work differently than you might expect, the game never expects that there are enough parts in your inventory to complete a whole mech (otherwise it should have given you the mech), furthermore it only checks if a mech should be added when it goes to add a part of that mech to your inventory. Adding enough mechparts to complete a mech (or more) can cause the game to behave strangely so I do not recommend trying it .

My modified save fails to load if I edit it while the game is open
This is due to the way the game is designed. the game does some pre-allocation for the save games, modifying a save may cause it to grow (or shrink), this means the game will fail to load the modified save due to the pre-allocated buffer being too small. restarting the game or editing a save while the game is closed will work around this.

Is there a linux version?
There is a beta version for linux, but it is not fully tested, if you find issues please report them