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B4ckf1sh - Colobos - Bloody Doves - Justin Kase

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Adds the M.A.S.H. Truck to the game - using a modified version of the Mobile HQ.

Comes custom escort mission and intercept missions that use the M.A.S.H. Truck.

(4) different Variants included.

Permissions and credits
MASH Truck is a generic term for any ground based vehicle that carries MASH equipment. The concept of a MASH Truck was pioneered on Terra, but the first modern MASH units were introduced during the Age of War. They were an immediate success, with a wounded soldier's chance for recovery improved by 300 percent. Several companies produce MASH trucks, but one of the best known is the MIT 23 produced for ComStar. The model described here is built by Talon Vehicles and is a representative sample of the broad category of MASH Trucks.  (From Sarna)

This is a complete Vehicle mod, butchering the original MobileHQ file iand adding in some new skins.

B4ckf1sh made the original file, which was later worked on by both BloodDoves and Colobos to bring you the model found in this package.

I designed the VehicleDefs and made two missions that use the MASH Trucks, an escort mission and an intercept mission.  Please note, the intercept mission is not going to endear you to your crew, but it will give a good payout.

How to install
Like other 'Mech mods, you will need ModTek (6.0+) to run this mod.  I have only included the Vanilla files for this 'Mech so far, but maybe BD will make some up for Mech Engineer.

Unzip and place this folder in your BATTLETECH/Mods folder and it should run automatically the next time you load your game.

I couldn't have done this mod without the help of the modeling community B4ckf1sh, BloodyDoves and Colobos.

Happy hunting!