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This is a Flashpoint for BATTLETECH: Flashpoint, v1.5.1. Requires ModTek and Flashpoint Stock Photos mods.

"Tiverton wants to eradicate the Black Market cabal in their system and direct assaults have failed. They want to use your company's Black Market access as a Trojan horse. Expect extreme opposition and back-to-back engagements."

Permissions and credits
"The Raid" has been designed to challenge endgame level companies. It's built against a nearly complete Argo, multiple Lances of custom 'Mechs and elite pilots able to run multiple engagements without repair. It can be completed with less, but should provide greater challenge than the Alliance Flashpoints or 5 Skull contracts.

This Flashpoint requires your company to have "Black Market Access" to populate.
Users playing with the Vehicle Improvement Project will need to download the optional VIP Override in addition to the base FP.zip.  This adds formatting to work with VIP and prevent fatal loading errors in missions IV and V.

"The Raid" is set with a spawn weight of 10, the same weight as the other non-alliance/tutorial Flashpoints.

Once this Flashpoint is associated with a save file, it must be present to load that save. This is like adding new modded 'Mechs or equipment in that it becomes required to load going forward.

Install Flashpoint Stock Photos,
Copy "Flashpoint-The-Raid" folder in to Mods folder created for ModTek.

Required Mods:
This mod needs ModTek and Flashpoint Stock Photos to work:

ModTek - https://github.com/BattletechModders/ModTek/releases
This allows loading of mods in to HBS BATTLETECH.

Flashpoint Stock Photos - https://github.com/BattletechModders/Flashpoint-Stock-Photos/releases
This provides some of the basic imagery used in this Flashpoint's conversations.

Recommended Mods:
cFixes - https://github.com/BattletechModders/cFixes/releases
Commuinity bug fixes, corrects many HBS typos and osmissions. This Flashpoint can make extensive use of the corrected OPFOR pilot skills and weapon stats.

Better AI - https://github.com/BattletechModders/BetterAI/releases
My AI improvement mod, Better AI allows the OPFOR to reserve, protect their weak sides and use Lance roles to greater effect. This Flashpoint can be completed with or without Better AI.

NOTE - "The Raid" and "Better AI" has cFixes set as an Optional Dependency. They will automatically load after cFixes. Neither requires cFixes to work.