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The intention of this mod is to create more difficult encounters post campaing while also providing new motivation by adding Star League salvage.
For this purpose the mod adds mech and vehicles versions refit with a varying degree of Star League equipment for all units in the game.

Permissions and credits
- Unlocks Star League equipment in the shop and adds Star League + weapons to make them viable compared to base game +++ weapons. I also did add a PPC +++ and advanced machine guns simply because it felt like they were forgotten.

The following weapon systems have been added:
Gauss Rilfe +
ER Large Laser +
Large Pulse Laser +
Medium Pulse Laser +
                MachineGun +
MachineGun + +
MachineGun + + +
                ER PPC +
                PPC + + +

- Adds Mech and vehicles versions refit with a varying degree of Star League equipment for all units in the game at rarity levels 10-20.
The added units should only spawn on high difficulties. One can encounter them on a regular basis post campaign.

Note: This does not add new mechs but makes the existing models spawn with upgraded equipment. Since mechparts are based on Mechdefinitions rather
than chassis definitions I recommend the additional usage of Morphyums Adjusted Mech Assembly mod.

Known Issues: It would appear the base game draws from the rarity 10-20 units right from campaing start. There is no helping that so make sure you install this mod when you feel ready to face these upgraded units.

- Adds or unlocks ( Urbie! ) a couple of Mechs based on existing versions.
BNC-3S ( lowering the speed of the Banshee House Steiner transformed this mech into a gunslinging beast. )
WVR-6M ( a jump capable laser version of the Wolverine. )
TBT-5S ( a SRM variant of the Trebuchet so the Kintaro does not feel all that lonely any more. )
        STK-4P ( a downsized 75t heavy mech variant of the stalker commonly encountered due to technical issues with the original design. )
STK-3H ( a common LRM40 variant of the Stalker. )
                UM-R60 ( speed and JJs adjusted to original TT values. )

- Redefines lance and AI roles of ingame mechs.
Some roles are just poorly defined in the default game and make for unchallenging encounters. E.g. Victors being treated as tanks or Banshees as Assassins.
While I was at it I fixed missing jump jet and indirect fire tags of the games base mech versions as well.
Overall this creates more challenging encounters since the game will now spawn more dangerous mechs while benching the awfull ones more often.

- Installation (requires ModTek) : simply unzip the content into your Mods folder.
Since the mod is making use of streamingassets there might be compatibility issues when paired with other mods. Those are however easy enough to sort out by merging the files in question with a simply file compare tool.

I'd be glad for any feedback or bug reports since it is virtually impossible to test the over 160(!) variations of spawned mechs this mod creates on my own.