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Replaces loading screen tutorial tips with lore and historical quotes from the BattleTech universe.

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*Updated to 1.1* 

Added in more lore from the Star League sourcebook, and the Reunification War timeline. Revised and shortened some passages that were too long.

What does this Mod do?

It replaces the general.txt file in your /GameTips folder. These are the loading screen tips and hints in the upper lefthand corner. Instead of tutorial and gameplay information, you'll get historical quotes and assorted lore for the BattleTech universe, sourced from the actual sourcebooks and technical readouts. This has been a labor of love, for all of us BattleTech fans to celebrate and enjoy the rich universe that FASA built.


Extract the .rar and navigate to your /StreamingAssets/GameTips folder, so assuming you have Steam it'll be:

    ... /steamapps/common/BATTLETECH/BattleTech_Data/StreamingAssets/GameTips/

    Remember to backup the default general.txt file first. Then stick the new general.txt into /GameTips/ 


Please note that this is meant to be used for the campaign, set in 3025, and so I have not included any blatant quotes or lore information from more advanced eras such as the War of 3039, Clan invasion, etc. I thought that would be quite jarring and inappropriate for the game's setting.