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Reveals both the traits and talent stars when trying out a new brother. Optional double tryout cost version included, for those who want better balance.

Works with 1.5.x.x patches and Of Flesh and Faith DLC

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As of version 1.8 (15 June 2019) the mod is using mod_hooks ("Modding Script Hooks") for better compatibility with new game patches and other mods.

Supported version of Battle Brothers
: all patches since

This is a slightly modified version of original Tryout Talents mod, which was created by Rule303. At first I only updated his mod to work with the new "Warriors of the North" DLC, but after he released new version I started having some problems with the mod. In this version I tried to fix all the bugs from original Tryout Talents and the mod should now work fine with both new and saved/loaded games.

In case you don't to want use mod_hooks, you can use version 1.7 or ealier. Those versions doesn't require mod_hooks but are much less compatible than v1.8.
Note that if you're using version 1.7 or earlier, make sure you picked mod version which supports your game version (check the file description)!

Full credit goes to Rule303, creator of Tryout Talents mod -
I only modified his files to get rid of the bugs.

Version 2.0 - made sure it works correctly with patch, fixed 2x tryout cost to actually double the cost, cleaned the code
Version 1.9 - fixed the version with 2x tryout cost not working properly with Recruiter follower
Version 1.8 - switched to mod_hooks for better compatibility. Mod should be now playable on all new game patches.
Version 1.7 - updated to patch
Version 1.6 - updated to patch
Version 1.5 - updated to patch
Version 1.4 - updated to patch - and added variant with 2x Tryout cost for better balance
Version 1.3 - added the version with Dismiss button as an optional file in downloads section (use just one file!).
Version 1.2 - fixed compatiblity with latest Steam Hotfix. All should be working now.
Version 1.1 - fixed naming issue preventing the mod from being loaded by the game.


Just drop it into your game's Data folder (for example "Steam\steamapps\common\Battle Brothers\data") and you should be good to go.


Remove the .zip file from your Data folder.


As of version 1.8 - no known conflicts.

For versions 1.7 and earlier - mod will conflict with any other mod which changes "player.nut" and "data_helper.nut" scripts or modifies the town hiring screen. Non-light versions can also conflict with mods which alter tooltips.