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  1. bolden12345
    • member
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    Love the idea of this mod, but the naming of the effect could be better, for example, when youre hit by a 5%  hit chance strike, you can call it Alert, as in you become alerted that you get hit by hit you shouldnt be hit with... And when you miss a 95% hit chance, you become Focused to make sure next strike is a hit...
  2. Jcolumbo
    • supporter
    • 0 kudos

    I havent been playing this game for long, but, well... 

    I understand one measure of the quality of a random number generator, and they are all imperfect, right up to the atomic clock level, but anyways, one common flaw in a given method of generating a string of random numbers is that they have a tendency to generate results too close to the previous result, making them less random, especially over a small sample size.  Like the number of attack rolls a player makes in a single turn.  There's  a specific name for this type of pattern in a string of supposedly random numbers, but Im just gonna say Battle Brothers makes me rage like a crabby e-athlete on e-steroids, sometimes.

    I know it works both ways.  The player can land those super low hits several in a row, too.

    Anyways, this 'outta take the edge off on that thirteenth re-play.
    1. MrBrut
      • premium
      • 8 kudos
      Yes, it works both ways. A peasant can become a hero by slaying a dragon!
    2. Zer0Ph0enix
      • member
      • 2 kudos
      Technically the ai benefits more from low rolls since they always spam attacks regardless of the hitchance.
  3. FoRRe
    • supporter
    • 0 kudos
    Really like the idea of this mod!

    Would be great if you could make a version where enemies can benefit from this buff too! That might be asking a lot though, I'm not sure.

    Big thanks for the work and time you spent on this!