Battle Brothers
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Play as a Lone Witcher with the ability to use 5 magic signs and craft new potions

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This is rewamp overhaul of other very old The Witcher mod:
other mod had somewhat broken balance and only 2 skills with 1 of them being bugged.
But i still liked it very much, and this mod was not updated anymore, so i decided to fix it.
Many changes was did after merotorous testing with pro level player - fruitinesss (Vladimir Lazarev).

Original Mod:
-Super OP Witchers with 12 AP
-Full moon potion +100 HP
-Willow potion - resist stun and knockback
-Tawny potion - +5 fatigue recover

-Quen Sign, get +100 armor for 3 turns
-Yrden Sign, AOE chiil slownes (Ljirok debuff) (was AOE stun before but was decided too OP after tests)
-Axii Sign, mindcontrol enemy (probably can get unexpected bugs)
-Witcher Silver Sword with uniqe skills that only witchers can use.
-New Potion, Swallow for HP regen.
-Changed other potions craft recipes.
-New Witcher Craft Potions event once 33 days in forest (same as monk craft holy water event in original game)
-Witchers can be hired in towns (8% chance spawn 1 witcher, works only in Witcher scenario)

-Removed 12 AP, cuz was too OP and balance break. Moved +3 AP into Tawny potion instead. So still can get 12 but only for 1 battle.
-Removed fucking purse and fuzed 5 signs skills directly into backgroud so no more spending amulet slot.
-Fixed Igni sign burns shields.
-Fixed Aard was not  able to friendly fire.
-Fixed Hire WItcher event for stats and talens normalization.
-Witcher talents stars rewamp