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This mods lets you craft armor and shields

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- Update -
- Bug fix

- Update - 

-The latest update changed the price to craft equal to the value of the item.  The price can adjusted by installing Craft Named Weapons mod.  The adjusted price will be equal to the corresponding multiplier you chose.  
- the update also included adding a tower shield to crafting

This mod introduces 10 new crafting recipes available at the Taxidermist.  All the necessary materials should be available as either drops or from the armorsmith.

* As with other recipes, these will only show up when the correct materials are in inventory.
** This mod should have no compatibility issues.

Armor/Helm/Shield                         Material  Cost
Leather Armor                                 1 Leather Lamellar 
Studded Mail                                    1 Reinforced Mail Hauberk
Plate Armor                                      1 Coat of Plate
Lindwurm Armor                              4 Lindwurm Scales

Wolf Helm                                         1 Mail Coif / 1 Wolf Pelt
Norse Helm                                      1 Nasal Helm w/ Closed Mail
Sallet Green Helm                            1 Full Helm
Lindwurm Helm                                4 Lindwurm Scales

Heater Shield                                    1 Heater Shield
Kite Shield                                         1 Kite Shield
Tower Shield                                     1 Wooden Shield / 2 Quality Wood                                   

*** The game can be picky about items, especially shields.  So if you're having a problem with a recipe not showing up, you likely do not have the correct materials.

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