Battle Brothers
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Improves some of the retinue members to be more impactful.

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Updates some of the retinue members to have stronger effects.
Also updates their hiring costs as well

This includes the files from the Better QuarterMaster + Cart Expansion mod, except the cart gets expanded by 54 instead of by 50 (to be a multiple of 9 for the inventory rows).

  • Each cart upgrade now gives +54 slots instead of +27
  • Quartermaster - Now costs 6,000 (was 3,000). Effect is doubled; grants 200 extra ammo, 100 extra tools, and 100 extra medical supply capacity
  • Agent - Now costs 6,000 (was 4,000). Good relations decay at 60% their usual rate (was 90%). Bad relations Decay at 120% their usual rate (was 110%).
  • Blacksmith - Now costs 4,000 (was 3,000). Repair speed is 66% faster (was 33% faster).
  • Bounty Hunter - Now costs 6,000 (was 4,000). Champion spawn rate is boosted by 8% (was 3%).
  • Cook - Now costs 4,000 (was 2,000). Heal rate is now 50% higher (was 33%). Food lasts for 5 more days (was 3).
  • Lookout - Now costs 3,500 (was 2,500). Sight radius increase is now 35% (was 25%). Note that this impact is not linear, so the lookout has been majorly buffed.
  • Minstrel - Cost unchanged. Actions now give 30% additional renown (was 15%).
  • Recruiter - Now costs 4,000 (was 3,000). Adds 3 to 6 recruits per town (was 2 to 4)

I left the others untouched either because I don't want to modify too many other files or there are other good mods for them (Paymaster, Alchemist, etc.)

Should be fairly straightforward, let me know if something doesn't work.
Check me out on, for when I get around to streaming this game instead of just modding it. :P