Batman: Arkham Origins

About this mod

An unofficial community-driven patch for Arkham Origins.

Permissions and credits
Going forward, the community patch will no longer fix Multiplayer. You will need to host your own MP server. Please use this tool by KiwifruitDev:


As of 2.7, this patch is compatible with the GOG and Steam releases of the game. Please note that the debug menu will not work with GOG versions.

*If you have all DLC separately but not the Season Pass, move the contents from the 257070 folder and place them in any other numbered folder.

Only use the free roam menu after beating the main story. Save corruption may occur if you're in an interior\scripted event. 

Please note that the XE and Pristine default skins will require "Cold, Cold Heart" and additional skins for Bruce will require Initiation to work correctly.

[Newly added skins]

XE Suit (requires Cold, Cold Heart DLC to run)
1989 Movie by CaptainJack2005 Movie Batman by CaptainJack
2008 Movie by CaptainJack
2017 Movie by Batflekk
2017 Movie (Tactical) by Batflekk
Flashpoint by BigDadDuck
Liberty Files by DarkCrowe
Futuristic Combat Harness by HyperUp and Wastelander121

-Bruce Wayne-
Bruce Wayne - Training Suit
Bruce Wayne - Formal Suit
Bruce Wayne - Shaved

Joker - Red Hood 

Robin (Alt)

[Cut content restored]
Tiffany Ambrose character trophy.
Worst Nightmare skin.
Robin has been (partially) restored as a playable character for free roam and challenge maps. (WIP)

[Bug fixes and improvements]
We have forced the unlock of two previously unobtainable skins - New 52 Metallic and Batman One Million.
Fixed the Dark Knight suit so that it no longer erroneously has damage.
A Free Roam menu has been added under the Extras menu. This menu gives access to all characters and skins for use in Gotham's open world.
Restored Debug menu - Hold delete or press RB+Start
Added command console - F10.
(Continuity fix) Removed chalk outline of Bruce's parents from Crime Alley.
Arkham Revived servers by KiwifruitDev


Q: What is this mod and what is the goal?

A: The Arkham Community Patches are a series of projects for Arkham City, Origins and Knight which aim to add new content, restore deleted/cut content, fix bugs and improve the overall user experience.

Q: What will be the benefit of using skins through the patch as opposed to Texmod?

A: The skins in this patch don't rely on external programs and run via the game files directly. A result of this is that they'll work perfectly with DirectX 11 graphics settings, as well as on Linux based machines via WINE or Proton. Another advantage is that skins via the patch are not locked to certain graphics settings as they are with Texmod. 

Q: How can I assist the team in making the patch better?

A: We're always looking for coders, translators and skin artists to join our team and make this the best project possible. If it's something you would like to be a part of, please drop a comment or PM one of our team. 

Q: How do I install the patch?

A: We currently support two ways of installation - Setup and Manual. Setup is the fastest and recommended for most users. All you need to do is point it to your Batman Arkham Origins directory. The default of C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Batman Arkham Origins is already inputted by default.
The other method is manual .RAR installation. You will require 7zip or similar to open the archive, then just drag and drop the Folders, merging with the original ones and clicking yes to replace when asked.

Q: I don't have any DLC. What do I get out of the patch?

A: The Dark Knight suit fix will work without any DLC, though any additional content added through this patch will not.

If you wish to find new people to play online with or talk to the team about anything, the best way to do that is via our team's Discord server:

For more information refer to our changelog or drop a comment, we're happy to help if we can.