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An unofficial community-driven patch for Arkham Origins.

Permissions and credits
The goal of this mod is to add new content to the game, restore some cut content and re-enable the multiplayer mode.

To use the free roam menu, select it and then press F1.

Open the file with WinRar or 7zip, drag and drop the Single Player and Online folders over to the Steamapps\Common\Batman Arkham Origins folder. Click "yes" when asked to overwrite.

If you only want Multiplayer, simply copy over the Online folder only.

If you have all DLC separately but not the Season Pass, move the contents from the 257070 folder and place them in any other numbered folder.

Please note that the XE and Pristine default skins will require "Cold, Cold Heart" and additional skins for Bruce will require Initiation to work correctly.

[What's currently included?]:
A fix for Error 3 in the Online mode.
Forced unlocks for New 52 Metallic and One Million skins. - Previously unobtainable due to WBID no longer working for the game.
Fixed Dark Knight suit damage. - The suit's torso got damaged when it was intended to be pristine. 

Pristine suit and XE suit for Batman.
Formal and Training suits for Bruce Wayne.
Joker as a playable character + his Red Hood skin.
Restored debug menu.
Free Roam menu for all characters and skins.

Q: I have all the DLC but don't have the Season Pass. Can I still use this mod?
A: Yes. If you move the contents of the DLC\257070 folder into any other numbered folder, the mod should be able to load correctly.
Q: How do I use the debug menu?
A: Hold 'Delete' on keyboard or press RB+Start on your controller.
Q: I don't have any DLC. What do I get out of the patch?
A: The online fix and Dark Knight suit fix will work without any DLC, though the additional skins and Joker will not.
A: As of 2.0, we are only supporting the Steam release. Other versions may work but are unsupported.

This mod requires a full legal copy of the game.
As of 2.0 we are only supporting the Steam version of the game as GOG has issues with both the Debug and Free Roam menus.
The Season Pass is required in order to use the extra Single Player skins and Free Roam menu.
We require translators to fix the strings in remaining languages. If you wish to help translate to other languages we'd be extremely grateful. 
Only download the *LATEST* version. The file at the top will contain everything unless otherwise stated.

If you wish to find new people to play online with or talk to the team about anything, the best way to do that is via our team's Discord server:

For more information refer to our changelog or drop a comment, we're happy to help if we can.

Sometime in 2020 𝘼𝙐𝙂𝙀 appeared, he worked years on his project of reviving online. The furthest he got is to get it working with local networks, it was very very unstable with crashes, bugs and etc. Then months have passed again and Reugen appeared, he claimed that he fixed the multiplayer by changing only one letter in the config. Nobody believed him but later they found out that it was actually true, Reugen by changing only one letter fixed the online! His mind blowing fix inspired Wastelander121 to create this Community Patch. We also included Dron_03's beautiful debug menu with Wastelander121's new single player skins!
We're working tirelessly on keeping this community together and restoring which was popular back then.